Situation Vacant 3D – Super-D Enhanced Version

We’ve done a little further work on our recent short film “Situation Vacant (3D)” to enhance a specific 3D shot.

Normally we wouldn’t post about some further tweaks to a film, however in this instance it was something that we wanted to add from the outset, put simply time and other commitments meant we had to leave this until now – but this is definitely it, no more tweaking. This is Situation Vacant: The Final Cut!

Grab your 3D glasses (or 3D tablets for those of you lucky enough to have such tech whizzery) and check out our enhanced “Super-D” version over on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel!

Situation Vacant wins Best Direction Award

Fantastic news for our latest short film is that we picked up the Best Direction Award from the 48 Hour Film Project in Edinburgh.

The short’s premiere public screening was at the Cameo Picturehouse Cinema in Edinburgh on 27th August in 2D. The judging panel consisted of George Barr – Head of Greenroom Films, Ian Hoey – Film Critic, Iain Gardner – Short Film Programmer at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The 3D version is currently in post production and we hope to have this completed soon. Since our first short live action 3D film in 2011 the team’s output has improved over each project and Situation Vacant is most definitely our best short film to date. It has great pace and energy and works well to deliver a dynamic plot driven story in a very short timeframe.

The film will be available to view in 3D on our YouTube channel shortly, however in the meantime do feel free to visit our Situation Vacant (3D) Page here on the blog and on Facebook.

ATM wins Best 3D Cinematography Award

Our short romantic comedy ATM (3D) won the National Stereoscopic Association in USA’s 2013 award for Best 3D Cinematography.

It’s a real honour at any time to win an award or to receive positive attention and doubly so when it’s your peers who are appreciative of the stereo medium. So it is a really proud moment for myself and everyone involved with the film.

ATM tells the tale of one girl’s quest to get what she wants…a cake! Starring Cassie Duncan and Charlie Boyle the ultra short film was shot over a couple of lunch times in the centre of Edinburgh. It also features the music of Laura Stevens, whose score brilliantly enhanced the onscreen visuals.

Thanks also to Thomas Selway for editing and Rhiannon Grist who as always played a great part in getting this project in the can. And finally thanks to the NSA for this award; these little moments do make the hard slog of making indie 3d films worth while!

ATM can be seen exclusively  on The Stereoscopic Channel on YouTube.

10,0001 3D Subscribers

I’d like to say a big thanks to all our subscribers over on YouTube who’ve taken us up to a MASSIVE 10.0001 subscribers today!

Our channel on YouTube is the hub for our video output, from our stereo 3d tutorials through to our award winning short films if you want to see us in action The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube is the place to visit.

We’ll have plenty more coming as our development of Crime Squad gets underway; we’ll be sharing behind the scenes videos, outtakes, bloopers plus every one of the episodes of the first series all in digital stereoscopic 3D… or as Crime Squad would put it Super Stereo Vision!

New 3D Showreel

Having called it a wrap on the BearShark 3D project we’ve finally got round to creating a new showreel that includes clips from a wide range of our 3D projects.

Apart from probably being the only place online you can see clips from BearShark in Stereo 3D the reel includes clips from our short films: Cycle, ATM, Hidden & The Collection; our music video projects: Gloria (The Death of Me), Glu, Kimberley Station & RockCandy 3D; plus a heap of animations from FourPlay, Zombicon, ScreenCandy & more.

Check it out now on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube.

Stevey Hay – Kimberley Station 3D Music Video

As always it’s been pretty busy buzzing around Enhanced Dimensions HQ in the last few weeks. Primarily been trying to polish off a brand new 3D music video from an amazing Scottish Blues artist Stevey Hay.

Stevey’s musical partner is none other than Neil Warden who has worked with us supplying original music for several of our short films so we were more than happy to get involved and create what must be Scotland’s first 3D blues music video!  Shot over a couple of locations in Edinburgh: The Ferryboat pub in Pilton and Craigie’s Farm on the outskirts of town the video features both Stevey and Neil along with Clair Myychael who valiantly braved the cold traipsing around in a fairly thin white dress on a freezing Edinburgh day!

The track is available for instant download from iTunes.

However, without any further ado…ladies and gentlemen I give you Stevey Hay’s Kimberley Station in Digital Stereo 3D.