After Effects 3D Creatives – here’s an offer you can’t refuse!

As part of our promotion for Crime Squad we’ve got what we believe is an amazing new offer for anyone who creates stereo 3D using After Effects. There’s no horses heads involved but it’s still surely an offer you can’t refuse?

So what am I talking about? Okay here’s what you get:

  • Full digital downloads of the series in 2D or 3D – VALUE: £10
  • Screen Candy 3D – VALUE: £13.50
  • RockCandy 3D Singlez 01 – Rock Crest 01 Pro VALUE: £10
  • RockCandy 3D Singlez 02 – Pink Strip Show Pro VALUE: £10
  • And don’t forget as part of Screen Candy you get our Ed-3D Virtual Stereo Rig and our ED-3D Stereo Repair Kit
  • TOTAL VALUE £43.50 (Roughly $65)
  • COST TO YOU WITH THIS OFFER £15 (Roughly $22)

All this for a meagre £15 donation to Crime Squad 3D. So not only do you help get the series made but you walk off with a whole heap of extra goodies.

Let’s get on with the show! Visit Crime Squad on Indiegogo now!

RockCandy 3D Solos on ShutterStock

RockCandy-3D-stock-video-footageEnhanced Dimensions is proud to announce that our music themed stereoscopic 3D stock animation collection, RockCandy 3D, is now available as individual videos from

Previously only available in a box set the 40+ music themed stereoscopic 3D animations have proven to be a big hit with VJ’s and for use in nightclubs, so hopefully with them now available for instant download at a very competitive price point they’ll be even more widely available.

A small selection is currently available but the full RockCandy 3D collection will be made available in 3D anaglyph, 3D side by side and 2D formats in the next few weeks.

Along with this release there’s also a range of new animations that are exclusively available via Shutterstock. These include a range of 3D glasses animations along with stereoscopic countdown film leaders. And that’s not all folks… more exlusive 3D animations are underway and will be available for inclusion in your 3D projects via

Visit Enhanced Dimensions 3D collection on

ScreenCandy 3D Volume One – Available Now!

Never mind Titanic in 3D or Star Wars 3D  – our new ScreenCandy 3D Stereoscpic Resource Kit for Adobe After Effects CS4 and above will help you to grab your own slice of the sparkling 3D screen.

Okay it’s not going actually going to make you James Cameron, but ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One will help give a little polish to your 3D productions. ScreenCandy 3D:  Volume One is made up of a variety of stereoscopic 3D Adobe After Effects CS4 templates plus the associated design elements. Included with the set are two brilliant bonus After Effects Templates – the eD-3D Virtual Stereoscopic Rig for After Effects, CS3, CS4 & CS5 plus our eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit template.

In full ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One includes:

After Effects Templates
•    3D Film Leader 01 (CS4)
•    3D Glasses 01 (CS4)
•    3D Festival 01 (CS4)
•    3D Coming Soon 01 (CS4)
•    eD-3D Virtual Stereo Rig (CS3, CS4, CS5)
•    eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit (CS4, CS5)

Graphic Elements Including
•    Clapperboard
•    Film Strip
•    Film Reels
•    3D Glasses (Red Cyan)
•    Various Halftone Effects

Sound Effects Including
•    Clapperboard Claps
•    Beeps & Blips
•    Projector
•    Spoken Commands

This complete Stereoscopic 3D resource kit for Adobe After Effects is available as an instant download from our online 3D store now for an introductory price of just $19.99. Find out more…

RockCandy 3D – Singlez New Template

We’ve got a cool new rock ‘n roll themed 3D template as part of our RockCandy Singlez package: 3D Pink Strip Show.

The RockCandy 3D Singlez Collection is a series of individually downloadable templates created in Adobe After Effects CS4. These templates are fully editable with all parameters and content able to be changed or replaced. Each template includes a fully operational version of Enhanced Dimensions eD-3D Virtual Stereoscopic Rig for After Effects CS4 and above.

Don’t forget there’s a whole section dedicated to tutorials for RockCandy 3D including Singlez templates, plus extensive tutorials on using the eD-3D Virtual Rig for After Effects CS4, CS5 & above that is at the heart of RockCandy 3D.

To find our more pop over to our 3D online store.

3D Christmas Offer 3 – Save up to $1000 off RockCandy 3D

Now here’s a Christmas offer you can’t refuse!

Save up to $1000 off our RockCandy 3D Stereoscopic Creative Stock Media Pack! We’re clearing out our existing 2011 stock so make sure you grab this amazing collection while you can.

RockCandy offers nearly 20 minutes of unique and exclusive 3D video, comprised of over 40 Royalty Free, stereoscopic 3d pre-rendered animations designed for use as stock media in music related productions. Each animation is supplied fully pre-rendered ready for use, but with flexibility for more experienced motion graphic experts to easily adapt text on title plates, adjust the parallax point to suit the deployment screen size or to layer additional elements over the animations. In fact as each animation is offered in 2D and 3D this gives you an amazing 80+ animations – that’s from as little as $1.25 per animation!

Find out how to use RockCandy 3D in our extensive tutorials then…grab yourself a bargain!