Enhanced Dimensions screening news

We’re really proud to share the news that two of our short films will be screening in the stunning restored Art Deco Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy.

On 14th of April 2014 “Situation Vacant” and “Crime Squad: UNDERCOVER3D” will be screening prior to the feature film “A Cat in Paris”. Andrew Murchie will be in attendance for a short Q&A session following the screenings.

Situation Vacant features Amanda Marment in the lead role of Connie Ray and also stars Nick Cheales, James J Robson and Rebecca Ritchie Smith. Crime Squad: UNDERCOVER3D also features Amanda Marment alongside Tamas Fazakas with supporting roles played by Dale Peet and Kevin Murchie.

If you’d like to attend tickets will be available online or from the cinema on the evening.

ED3D @ LA 3D Film Festival

Great news on our submissions to LA 3D Film Festival held by our friends over at the LA 3-D Club is that we’ve got three films screening at the event!

Our three latest stereo 3D pieces have been selected for screening  at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles Dec. 13-15th, 2013. Festival passes are now on sale online for $40, with individual day tickets available from December 1st.

Enhanced Dimensions films included in the program are:

Most exciting is that there are a couple of 3D premiers in the group. Our 2013 48 Hour Film Project film “Situation Vacant 3D” receives it’s 3D global premiere having only previously been screened in 2D, on both occasions winning awards (Best Direction & 3rd Place Palme Dewar), fingers crossed it goes down as well with the appreciative 3D audience! “Crime Squad:UNDERCOVER3D”  is also receiving it’s 3D global premier, this is the the teaser piece for our forthcoming cop comedy web series.

Sony CMU .mt2s MVC File Splitting Issues

3d-camcorder-sonyAs a user of the Sony NX3d1 Stereoscopic 3D Camcorder one of my continuing bugbears has been having to use the Sony Content Management Utility for copying over files in order to retain the ability to actually use this to split the .mt2s MVC files into separate Left & Right video streams.

One of the recurring problems has been the process of splitting should a file be renamed – it simply breaks. In order for me to work on the 3D version of our new short “Hidden” I faced a major problem. I hadn’t briefed the editor not to change the file names – he had been meticulous in using the Sony CMU to copy over the files as briefed, but as he hadn’t been warned so all the file names were changed to match the take numbers… and oops there goes the ability to split the files!

Faced with this issue I had to research my options. So first off I headed over to http://www.3dtv.at/Products/MvcConverter/Editions_en.aspx and tried out the MVC to AVI converter. Great news is this worked perfectly however there were only a limited range of codecs supported for the output and this ended up blowing file sizes through the roof – files that started as 200MB converted with uncompressed AVI settings rather obviously became GB’s. I do appreciate this is the best approach but it is steep in terms of storage taking the relatively small MVC’s to such huge AVI’s.

So back on to the drawing board I wondered what the actual “.cmuprops” files actually contained that disrupted the conversion. I opened up a “.cmuprops” file in Notepad and it just looked like a bunch of XML “stuff”. So I wondered what if I just rename this file – even if it isn’t the exact matching file for the video if it would work… and it did! Yeeha – any of the .mt2s MVC files converted as long as there was an XML file that matched the name.

So in simple terms as long as you have one of the “.cmuprops” files just rename it to match your .mt2s file from the camera and the Sony CMU will split it. Nice (if somewhat painful that Sony couldn’t have warned or made a piece of software that didn’t require this step).

ATM short-listed for Palme-Dewar

Our ultra-short film ATM has been shortlisted for the Palme-Dewar short film competition that is part of the Aberfeldy Film Festival.

ATM will be shown in 2D at the auditorium at Dewar’s World of Whisky on Saturday 17th November along with 5 other short films, as part of the festival organised by Aberfeldy’s Heartland Film Society. The film was shortlisted by a judging panel of  Charlotte Brown (Dewar’s World of Whisky), Norman McCandlish (BAFTA member and former television producer), Charlotte Flower (Chair, Birks Cinema Board, Aberfeldy) & Allan Stewart (committee member of the Heartland Film Society).

The Palme-Dewar short film competition is an open competition for short films made either in Scotland or by film makers based in Scotland.

Hidden (2D) Version)

Our short cop drama from the Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project 2012 is now online in 2D.

The film was shot in native digital Stereo 3D on the Sony NX3D1 3D Camcorder and we’re currently working our way through the footage to create a 3D Director’s cut, inserting a scene featuring Fraser Fulton (who starred in our previous short “The Collection (3D)”) and Rory Speed that had to be cut for time purposes.

But for the time being why not head over and check out Hidden in 2D on YouTube.

Learn how to film in 3D

3D Glasses After Effects ModelWith the current growth of 3d technology, learning how to film in 3D and how to then edit and output in a suitable format can be quite a steep learning curve. With plenty additional jargon to get used to (parallax, convergence, anaglyph, circular polarisation, etc) it’s certainly a daunting task for anyone used to filming in 2D.

Well never fear, Enhanced Dimensions’ Stereoscopic 3D Training & Resources section aims to make the process as easy as possible and current has around 30 videos to help you to film 3d movies for fun and profit! Alongside this we offer some specialist 3d tools for Adobe After Effects users that aim to simplify the process of creating 3D motion graphics and repairing 3d problems in footage.

That’s not all! Over the next few months we hope to get the chance to develop a specific series to cover the absolute basics of how to film in 3d, how to edit in 3d and how to post your new 3d videos to the likes of YouTube employing their great embedded 3d player technology.

Finally, and offering you an unbelievable deal, all the training is free – that’s right learn how to film 3d movies like a pro with Andrew Murchie & Enhanced Dimensions!