After Effects 3D Creatives – here’s an offer you can’t refuse!

As part of our promotion for Crime Squad we’ve got what we believe is an amazing new offer for anyone who creates stereo 3D using After Effects. There’s no horses heads involved but it’s still surely an offer you can’t refuse?

So what am I talking about? Okay here’s what you get:

  • Full digital downloads of the series in 2D or 3D – VALUE: £10
  • Screen Candy 3D – VALUE: £13.50
  • RockCandy 3D Singlez 01 – Rock Crest 01 Pro VALUE: £10
  • RockCandy 3D Singlez 02 – Pink Strip Show Pro VALUE: £10
  • And don’t forget as part of Screen Candy you get our Ed-3D Virtual Stereo Rig and our ED-3D Stereo Repair Kit
  • TOTAL VALUE £43.50 (Roughly $65)
  • COST TO YOU WITH THIS OFFER £15 (Roughly $22)

All this for a meagre £15 donation to Crime Squad 3D. So not only do you help get the series made but you walk off with a whole heap of extra goodies.

Let’s get on with the show! Visit Crime Squad on Indiegogo now!

RockCandy 3D Solos on ShutterStock

RockCandy-3D-stock-video-footageEnhanced Dimensions is proud to announce that our music themed stereoscopic 3D stock animation collection, RockCandy 3D, is now available as individual videos from

Previously only available in a box set the 40+ music themed stereoscopic 3D animations have proven to be a big hit with VJ’s and for use in nightclubs, so hopefully with them now available for instant download at a very competitive price point they’ll be even more widely available.

A small selection is currently available but the full RockCandy 3D collection will be made available in 3D anaglyph, 3D side by side and 2D formats in the next few weeks.

Along with this release there’s also a range of new animations that are exclusively available via Shutterstock. These include a range of 3D glasses animations along with stereoscopic countdown film leaders. And that’s not all folks… more exlusive 3D animations are underway and will be available for inclusion in your 3D projects via

Visit Enhanced Dimensions 3D collection on

Enhanced Dimensions Award Win @ 48hfp

Lots of work on here at Enhanced Dimensions HQ! On top of making “The Collection (3D)” I’ve been finishing off another 3D short (more on that later) and getting involved in a 2D initiative with in Scotland -plus taking a week of to laze in the sun in Malta!

Well the exciting news though is that our short horror film “The Collection (3D)” that we made for the Edinburgh leg of The 48 Hour Film Project was awarded an “Honourable Mention for Production Values” in the award ceremony at Electric Circus on Monday 28th May 2012. Considering this is only our second live action short and that it’s the first 3D short entered into the project outside of the US we were mighty pleased to be recognised. The award recognised the quality of acting, writing, direction & cinematography across the whole piece, and although we’d have preferred the much coveted award for “Best Film” (well who wouldn’t have?) it’s a great award… for the time being.

The Collection (3D) was also chosen as one of a handful of film to represent the 48 hour film project in a “Best of the last 5 years” show at The Cameo in Edinburgh and is also available on the 5th Year Anniversary DVD too! For those of you interested in getting a copy, along with a free pair of  anaglyph 3D glasses, just email Sam Goldblatt @ and he’ll fill you in on the details.

We had a great time entering the 48 hour film project and got great support from the organisers Sam & Louise, and we met some really exceptional film makers whom I hope we will see go on to become major producers, directors, writers, etc. Finally thanks to all friends, family and colleagues who gave such a level of support and helped us to deliver a cool little 3D short in one crazy weekend!

Star Wars in 3D

To celebrate the release of Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D here’s a little reminder of the 3D Star Wars Freebie we have on Enhanced Dimensions.

Created in conjunction with Zoltan Simon over at based on one of his dynamic Star Wars related poster designs – fear the darkside as Darth Vader and the empire forces leaps out of your monitor!  Just select the size that suits your monitor then download the anaglyphic 3D desktop design for your Mac or PC!

Download now

(An animated 3D Stereoscopic video of this Star Wars 3D poster is also available to view over at our YouTube Channel – subscription is optional!)

Star Wars, the Star Wars logo, all names and pictures of Star Wars characters, vehicles and any other Star Wars related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Lucasfilm Ltd., or their respective trademark and copyright holders. This download has no connections with Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Christmas 3D Desktop

christmas-3d-desktop-2010-thumb‘Tis the season to be jolly, tra-la-la-la-la… etc. So why not get jolly right now with our free Christmas 3D Desktop for your computer?

We’ve adapted one of our astounding 3D Christmas Card designs to leap out of your desktop and bring the spirit of crimbo bursting into you workspace (or playspace I guess). So don’t give us your “bah humbug, 3D glasses” nonsense – download the desktop design, don yer red cyan 3D specs and celebrate with the rest of us in the 3rd dimension!

Download the 3D Christmas Desktop in glorious full HD now!