The Definitive Guide to 3D Glasses and Stereoscopic Viewing Systems

3D Glasses After Effects ModelEver wondered why you can’t use your RealD 3D glasses from the cinema at home with your regular TV? Or why your cardboard red and green specs don’t make a normal film appear 3D? Or why that girl from High School always ignored you no matter how hard you tried to impress?

Well I’m not sure we exactly answer all those questions but for a definitive guide to the crazy 2011 world of 3D Glasses and Stereoscopic Viewing Systems do head on over to The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube and check out The Definitive Guide to 3D Glasses and Stereoscopic Viewing Systems where you’ll find out all you ever wanted to know about 3d glasses but were afraid to ask.

Now back to that girl in High School…

3D Vision Live Updates

3d-vision-live-2011Nvidia’s 3D Vision Live site that features several Enhanced Dimensions videos has had a makeover and has some funky new features.

The updated site includes new 3D videos and photos and a range of updates that improve the user experience, including enhanced social media integration and functionality that enables users to easily search, sort and comment on their favorite 3D videos.

If you’ve got a moment please do head over and rate one of our videos on the 3D Vision Live site – your support is always appreciated.

Nvidia’s 3D Vision Live

Nvidia’s 3D Vision Live 3D web channel featuring several Enhanced Dimension 3D videos is now out of beta and fully live.

The Nvidia 3D Vision portal has some stunning 3D videos optimised for playback on users with Nvidia 3D Vision hardware. Enhanced Dimensions has 3 videos included on the channel including “FourPlay 3D”, “Gloria (The Death of Me)” and the teaser for our very own “Stereoscopic 3D Channel”. The 3D videos are free to view and look stunning on appropriate hardware, if you’ve got a suitably specified PC and 3D Nvidia hardware do check it out.

Visit Nividia 3D Vision Portal now.

Nvidia 3D Vision LIVE – BETA

Nvidia 3D Vision LiveYou may recall a couple of months back we wrote a little about the streaming 3d video channel that Nvidia had under development, well it’s now gone live!

For users who have suitable Nvidia equipment the new 3D Channel provides a whole host of 3d videos in hi-def. The videos include branded promotional pieces, movie trailers, music videos and several award winning 3D short films. There will be more content coming online over the next short while including Enhanced Dimensions award winning short “FourPlay” and our fantastic hologram music video for “Gloria (The Death of Me)” by The Raw I’s.

Check out the beta version of the Nvidia 3D Vision Live site!

3D Birthday Cards – Free 3D Video Download

Free 3D Birthday Cards & VideosHere’s another 3D HD video download for those of you who have Nvidia 3D Vision or a suitable 3D TV.

This time we’re giving away the promotional video for our free 3D Birthday Cards. If you’ve not checked out these great free cards, plus other free downloads, do have a good look through our 3D downloads section – you’ll be surprised just how generous we are here at Enhanced Dimensions!

The Stereo 3D HD video can be downloaded free for personal use in a side by side 50% format for 3D Vision or other suitable systems. You can also check it out on our Stereoscopic 3D TV Channel on YouTube.

Stereoscopic 3D Channel – Free 3D HD Video Download

Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel LogoEnhanced Dimensions has got another cool stereoscopic freebie video for you to download in our 3D downloads section!

This video is the promotional video for our very own Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel – prepare to be amazed as stars leap right out of your monitor and float around in front of you!

The clip can be seen as always on our YouTube Channel or if you have a suitable 3D TV, Nivida 3D Vison PC or some other suitable 3d playback system you can download the side by side version for full colour HD playback and can see the video in it’s optimal quality.

Download The Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel Promo Video for Nvidia 3D Vision or 3D TV now!