BearShark 4K 3D

In another first in Scotland, possibly in the UK, Enhanced Dimensions have just wrapped a 4K 3D version of one of the episodes of CollegeHumor’s fantastic animations series BearShark.

Having recently finished the final episode of the first series of BearShark for the Nintendo 3DS, it seemed an interesting opportunity to take the vector based assets of the episode called “Space” and re-create the 3D in cutting edge 4K resolution. As the major part of the creative process was already complete, writing and animating the show, the conversion to 4K was quite straightforward (although not as simple as just scaling up a project). Whilst creating the 4K master was a success, attempts at viewing it in it’s 4K glory have been less successful. There are currently a limited range of opportunities to playback 3D in 4K, so this 4K episode has been primarily developed for festival and demonstration use where 4K screens or projection may be possible. My usual DCP creation tool of choice couldn’t unfortunately generate a 3D 4K DCP so an alternative route was researched…more about that in a later post.

Although there is much debate about 4K in the home, as the broadcast infrastructure and cost effective viewing hardware for 4K and 8K is still some way off, there is no doubt that 4K significantly improves the 3D experience. Fingers crossed 4K TV falls in price as quickly as HD and we’ll all have “more real than reality” screens in our living room in the near future.

Unfortunately we can’t share the whole episode here but if you like to see a still from the 4K version that demonstrates the level of detail in a 4K file take a little look at our sample BearShark 4K image here.

Big thanks to Mike from Lowbrow Studios and Amanda from CollegeHumor who helped make this happen. Enhanced Dimensions is proud to the deliver cutting edge 4K 3D from Edinburgh in Scotland…   🙂

BearShark Sizzle Reel

Nintendo have shared a new sizzle reel for the 2013 season of BearShark. Included in the reel are shots from the 2011 pilot, Season 1 Episode 1 “Love” and Episode 2 “Space”.

Of course the sizzle reel is only available in 2D and if you want to BearShark in Stereo 3D you’ll need to get yourself a tasty little Nitendo 3DS or indeed a 3DS XL, and you’ll need to be in the US, or where-ever else in the world BearShark is actually distributed!

Anyhow why not check out the BearShark Sizzle Reel right now?

BearShark: Love

The new episode of BearShark, titled Love, is now not only available to view on the Nintendo 3DS in glassses free 3-D, but also online at CollegeHumor in super flat-o-vision… 2D!

The first new episode of BearShark that I’ve been stereographer for, premiered on Nintendo Video for Nintendo 3DS on 8th February 2013, with subsequent episodes scheduled over the next couple of months. BearShark marks the continuing partnership between Nintendo and, which previously brought the popular Dinosaur Office series to Nintendo Video.

Nintendo Video delivers a regularly updated, variety of short-form 3D videos to Nintendo 3DS free of charge. New videos are automatically downloaded to the Nintendo 3DS , all in glorious glasses-free 3D.

Check out BearShark Love on right now! And if you want to see it in 3D (in the US at least) get yourself a funky glasses free Nintendo 3DS!

Source: Business Wire

BearShark Series 1 on Nintendo 3DS

The first new episode of the cartoon series BearShark, entitled “Love”, will soon be available on the Nintendo 3D Video Channel for the Nintendo 3DS in USA.

Following the successful pilot episode last year, I’ve been working alongside Low Brow Studios as the Stereoscopic Consultant on the new series of BearShark Cartoons that will be appearing on the Nintendo 3DS over the next couple of months or so.

Unfortunately the series doesn’t appear to be licensed for Europe so I’m afraid those of us this side of the pond won’t be watching it any-time soon. The series is a College Humor/Nintendo co-production so there is a chance you’ll be able to catch it on the College Humor website at some point.

If you’d like to see the BearShark Pilot episode from last year, in glorious 2D, do head on over to the College Humor website.

3D Big and Small – From BearShark to London Calling

It’s been an interesting couple of months in Enhanced Dimensions 3D HQ and quite entertaining on the odd range of scale we’ve been involved with.

Firstly I was involved with a brilliant animated project from College Humor in the states – the animation was created originally in Flash in 2D and I got involved as stereo 3D consultant and conversion artist to convert the Flash to Stereo 3D. There were a whole range of challenges along the way but the final video was a joy to behold – it is really enjoyable to work with such talented animators. Of course the scale thing here that is of interest was that it was for the Nintendo 3DS and its tiny auto-stereoscopic 3d screen. Unfortunately as we get different content in the UK from USA I’m not sure if we’ll see it over here in Europe but you can certainly check out BearShark on College Humor in glorious 2D! I’ll definitely blog a little more about my experience when I have some spare time, as there was some really interesting learnings working with animators who are used to 2D and the challenges it brings when simple 2d tricks don’t work! Also big thanks to Mike Parker from LowBrow Studios for getting me involved and staying calm and well organised throughout.

Next and currently ongoing, I was invited to consult on a project on the opposite end of the scale – for an IMAX 3D screen – talk about going from one extreme to the other. My good friend Matt Cooper over at Pixel Chili Productions knows only too well of my 3d obsession so when they got a chance at working on a 3D IMAX project they knew I would be onboard! The project is ongoing so not too much to report but I noticed when I was emailing the team just how complex my instructions were becoming – it’s so easy to forget that not everyone talks 3D jargon and going on about interaxials, zero parallax and window violations are not standard terms filmmakers and videographers work with. I’m happy to say though the guys have grasped it admirably and I’m looking forward to seeing their work on a big, and I mean really big screen!

3D Opinion: My Brain Has Switched to 3D

Something very strange happened last week that I think relates to my exposure to 3D.

As I’ve been working on a particularly complex and time consuming 3D project (for the Nintendo 3DS) over the last couple of weeks I’ve spent considerably more time viewing stereoscopic 3D on my monitor than would be normal (for me). Although much of this has been anaglyph working and adjusting cartoon scenes for 3D, I did consider it may induce some headaches but it’s actually been a relatively pleasant experience. And then…

The strangest thing happened on Friday night: I sat down to watch Woody Allen’s latest “You will meet a tall dark stranger” (I love early Woody Allen, not much can come near “Sleepers” for genius comedy) and was sitting having a pleasant evening entertainment when I suddenly started thinking how flat the picture looked. The more I watched the more regularly it started bothering me how everything was just on one plane. There was still obviously good use of depth of field and lighting: all the usual tricks to direct your vision and to create standout – but it was just so obviously flat. So un-dimensional.

I know I’m pro 3D, but I genuinely never expected this sensation or pattern of thought. How strange it was to notice 2D. How strange it was everything was so flat, so lacking.

As I said I can only assume this is due to many additional hours spent working immersed in 3D footage. It seems my brain has made the switch from 2D to 3D and now I can’t go back!