RockCandy 3D T Shirts

21557544-105251893It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally got a range of astounding stereoscopic 3d t-shirts available online based on our RockCandy 3D music designs.

First off we’ve got the “Drum n Bass” and “Psychedelic Flying Eyeballs” 3D designs available in a wide range of shirts for ladies and men.

For the launch period all purchasers of the shirts can claim two free pairs of 3d glasses absolutely FREE OF CHARGE! Just send us an email along with your order details and we’ll do the rest.

So do come on over and check out our Enhanced Dimensions’ 3D Apparel Store online now.

Enhanced Dimensions Award Win @ 48hfp

Lots of work on here at Enhanced Dimensions HQ! On top of making “The Collection (3D)” I’ve been finishing off another 3D short (more on that later) and getting involved in a 2D initiative with in Scotland -plus taking a week of to laze in the sun in Malta!

Well the exciting news though is that our short horror film “The Collection (3D)” that we made for the Edinburgh leg of The 48 Hour Film Project was awarded an “Honourable Mention for Production Values” in the award ceremony at Electric Circus on Monday 28th May 2012. Considering this is only our second live action short and that it’s the first 3D short entered into the project outside of the US we were mighty pleased to be recognised. The award recognised the quality of acting, writing, direction & cinematography across the whole piece, and although we’d have preferred the much coveted award for “Best Film” (well who wouldn’t have?) it’s a great award… for the time being.

The Collection (3D) was also chosen as one of a handful of film to represent the 48 hour film project in a “Best of the last 5 years” show at The Cameo in Edinburgh and is also available on the 5th Year Anniversary DVD too! For those of you interested in getting a copy, along with a free pair of  anaglyph 3D glasses, just email Sam Goldblatt @ and he’ll fill you in on the details.

We had a great time entering the 48 hour film project and got great support from the organisers Sam & Louise, and we met some really exceptional film makers whom I hope we will see go on to become major producers, directors, writers, etc. Finally thanks to all friends, family and colleagues who gave such a level of support and helped us to deliver a cool little 3D short in one crazy weekend!

Little Mermaid 3D Desktop

mermaid-3d-anaglyph-thumbnailHere’s the first in our new series of Fairy Tale themed 3D Desktops – The Little Mermaid 3D.

Watch out as the little mermaid and her fishy friends float right out of your screen – a definite one to delight the little ones! This is just the first though over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing another three to complete the collection.

Grab it now – free and gratis from Enhanced Dimensions 3D Downloads section.

The Definitive Guide to 3D Glasses and Stereoscopic Viewing Systems

3D Glasses After Effects ModelEver wondered why you can’t use your RealD 3D glasses from the cinema at home with your regular TV? Or why your cardboard red and green specs don’t make a normal film appear 3D? Or why that girl from High School always ignored you no matter how hard you tried to impress?

Well I’m not sure we exactly answer all those questions but for a definitive guide to the crazy 2011 world of 3D Glasses and Stereoscopic Viewing Systems do head on over to The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube and check out The Definitive Guide to 3D Glasses and Stereoscopic Viewing Systems where you’ll find out all you ever wanted to know about 3d glasses but were afraid to ask.

Now back to that girl in High School…

RockCandy 3D – B-Sidez & Xtraz – A $500 Value

RockCandy 3D VJ Edition will ship at the end of this week and as an added incentive we’re offering two extra special bonuses only for orders received this week!

For this week only we’re adding $500 worth of videos to the VJ Collection – these include Space 3D and Snow 3D that previously sold elsewhere for up to $250 per clip! Not only that we’re also throwing in the amazing Xtraz disc that is loaded with creative resources including stock imagery, stock videos, stock music, Photoshop brushes & loads more all royalty free! This disc is normally part of the Pro and Broadcast set only! And did we mention the four sets of 3D glasses? C’mon, how much more can we cram in?

So if you want a serious bargain grab your RockCandy VJ Edition + extra bonuses while you can. Offer ends Friday 17th, Midnight GMT.

2011 – Free 3D Glasses Offer


If you would like to take us up on the offer here’s the lowdown: Subscribe to our Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube then pop on over to our 3D Products section to claim your free basic red cyan 3d glasses. Free 3d glasses for ALL!

BONUS OFFER: Or if you really love your 3D and want a fancy plastic framed pair do check our our special subscriber BONUS OFFER- 2 PAIRS FOR UNDER £5!

Maximum two free pairs per household/one pair per username. Offer requires SSAE (UK only) or payment for P&P. Terms and Conditions apply.