Enhanced Dimensions 3D Films @ DogVille Festival

dogville-3d-movie-festivalWell exciting news here at Enhanced Dimensions Towers… both of our short 3D submissions for The DogVille 3D Film Festival in Spain have been accepted and will be showing on Saturday 16th April.

So if you’re in the area and fancy a treat for a measly six Euros you can pop in and check out a whole heap of exciting 3D content including our InvaZion award winning 3D short film “FourPlay 3D” and our first 3D music video “Gloria (The Death of Me)” on a glorious big screen at  the Atrium Viladecans.

Dogville is the first International Stereoscopic 3D Short Film Festival to be held in Spain. The event offers the public an opportunity to see some of the best stereo 3D short films available from professionals, amateurs and 3D animators. At the same time, the festival aims to become a platform where professionals and industry experts can share experience and education through technical seminars on training, research and 3D related products.

For more details or to book tickets visit the official DogVille 3D Film Festival Website.

Third Dimension Russian Film Festival

third-dimension-film-festival“Third dimension”is a new International Stereo 3D Film Festival that is scheduled to take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia from June 23-29 this year. It is hoped this will become an annual event gathering together stereoscopic 3D works from a wide range of professional or hobbyist 3D filmmakers.

The main goal of the festival is to show documentaries, animation films, feature length and short films in 3D format and to help participants to enter the Russian and CIS market of 3D content distribution.

If you have a suitable 3d film for consideration the official Third Dimension website has details on requirements and the appropriate submission form.

Enhanced Dimensions at The National Stereoscopic Association’s convention

RockCandy 3D Enhanced Dimensions is proud to have been invited to participate in The National Stereoscopic Association’s 37th annual convention.

Three of our stereoscopic 3d videos will be shown at the event including an exclusive first showing of a brand new promotional video for our RockCandy 3D music project that is scheduled to launch in Summer 2011. Other Enhanced Dimensions’ 3D videos shown will be our 3d music video for “Gloria (The Death of Me)” by The Raw I’s and the updated version of our 3d animated short “FourPlay 3D”.

The event is held in Loveland, Colorado from July 12-18, 2011. The NSA Convention will include a cutting-edge stereo theatre, informative workshops, a stereoscopic art exhibition, image competitions, room hopping, a 3D auction, a large trade fair and a technical exhibit of new stereo 3d equipment and stereoscopic displays.

To learn more about the convention visit the NSA Convention website.

Too much excitement for one post – 3DeeCentral Launches

3deecentralSpatial View’s new online and mobile service for delivering quality Stereo 3D Videos, 3DeeCentral, is now live and available as a free download for 3rd Gen iPhones & iPods plus Windows 7, with an Android version promised soon.

Stay calm now… what’s even more exciting is that for a limited time you can claim a free 3DeeSlide when you first log in to 3DeeCentral, using your iPhone 3GS or 3rd generation iPod Touch!

I appreciate that’s a lot of excitement for one post  but here’s the last bit of news – 3DeeCentral is now offering two of Enhanced Dimensions’ videos for a very reasonable $1.99  each ($2.99 for PC HD version). The two videos on offer are our Award winning short film “FourPlay 3D” and Scotland’s first stereo 3d music video “Gloria (The Death of Me)”. Both can be previewed in 2D on the 3DeeCentral site, or of course can be viewed on our Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube.

Check out 3DeeCentral now!

SCORE! One Million 3D Video Views

I’ve written a few posts over the last month in relation to Enhanced Dimensions 3D video views nearing the one million views mark and so I’m now proud to announce we’ve made it over the landmark figure.

I was hoping to have achieved this before the end of the year but our figures were just about 25,000 views short at year end. On 6th January the total views of our 3D videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion Channels combined went over the 1,000,000 views!

A great big thanks go out to everyone who’s watch & shared videos, subscribed and encouraged me along the way. Lets hope 2011 has some even bigger 3D video achievements for enhanced-dimensions.com.

Wonder what all the fuss is about? Check out our Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube and you’ll see!

973,289 3D Video Views: Close enough to smell YouTube’s breath!

Happy New Year to one and all from Enhanced Dimensions. Never afraid to blow our own trumpet(s) I thought today would be a good day to sum up what Enhanced Dimensions has achieved since launch around 15 months ago.

But first a final round-up of our 1,000,000 video views challenge we set ourselves in the last month of 2010.  Okay, it was a tough target but that’s the way we like it; make it a real challenge not just a figure that doesn’t have a bit of stretch. However the unfortunate news is we are just short of the 1 million views we’d aimed for  – to be accurate we’re 26,711 views short of target. Close enough to smell YouTube’s breath! This number is of views of Stereo 3D videos created entirely by Enhanced Dimensions across our Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube, Vimeo & DailyMotion. We had promised to give £100 to Children in Need if we made the figure, but in the spirit of the season despite our slight shortcoming we will be making this donation anyway.

We’ll soon be posting details on some of our plans for 2011, including expanding our 3d operations to deliver many more exciting 3d projects. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to pull in more awards and also be able to further share our knowledge and experience to the burgeoning 3d skills market.
So 2010 the highlights and numbers:

  • being broadcast as part of Channel 4’s 3D Week
  • being discussed by Adam and Joe on BBC Radio Six
  • picking up an InvaZion Award for our 3D short film “FourPlay”
  • being a runner up in Sony’s 3D World Competition for our 3D short film “FourPlay”
  • releasing Scotland’s very first 3D music video “Gloria (The Death of Me)” by The Raw I’s
  • creating ident bumpers for Short & Sweet 3D (Londons first 3D short festival)
  • being a featured Partner on YouTube
  • being included on Nvidia’s 3D Vision Live Channel
  • having our 3d videos shown at multiple festivals/events around the world

We’ve also released a whole heap of Stereo 3D Training Videos that can be seen on our “3D in a Nutshell” Page. These include videos on:

  • Basic Stereoscopic 3D Animation in Adobe After Effects
  • Stereoscopic 3D using Displacment Maps and in Adobe After Effects
  • A 4 part series on 2D to 3D Conversion Using Adobe After Effects

And don’t forget our Stereoscopic 3D Channel that runs on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion that has in total received:

  • Over 970,000 views of our videos
  • Over 5000 subscribed viewers
  • A fantastic level of positive feedback

And finally our free 3D Downloads including 3D Videos, 3D Desktops, 3D Greeting Cards and 3D Postcards for you to download and print have had coverage online and a huge amount of traffic.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped, everyone who has watched some videos, subscribed fed back, etc. In fact a great big thanks to you all for helping make 2010 such a great year for us.

Stay tuned for 2011, we’re going to take this to a whole new dimension!