Learn 3D Filmmaking in Scotland Summer 2014

We’re proud to announce that we’re running a Scotland’s first 3D filmmaking training course along with SKAMM in Edinburgh for 14 to 21 year olds this summer.

Going from the basics of  stereo 3D filming principles right through to the final edit and depth grading of a 3D short film this course will give attendees handon experience alongside a strong grounding of modern 3D stereoscopic film production.

The course runs from 21st to 25th of July at the Edinburgh College of Art. For more details email skammers@hotmail.com

Free RockCandy 3D VJ Loop


Enhanced Dimensions is offering a free anaglyph 3D VJ clip from our RockCandy 3D Collection this week in conjunction with VJLoops.com

VJLoops is a specialist royalty free stock footage & media site focussing on the global VJ community. They sell a wide variety of videos, animations and never before seen visuals for a wide range of creative use. VJLoops aims to be the one stop shop to get the visual tools needed to get the job done. They have a massive catalog with collections from over 260 artists from around the world.

RockCandy 3D is Enhanced Dimensions stereoscopic 3D rock music themed stock media selection which for a limited period is on offer as a complete boxed set collection of over 40 3D animations for use in your own creative projects.

So make sure you head on over to VJLoops.com and grab your free 3d download today.

Life in 3D Presentation: Shooting a 3D Film with no time nor money

I had a great time in Edinburgh last week at The Edinburgh 3D Film Festival which I organised alongside the team from Edinburgh College of Art who run the “Life in 3D” Symposium.

I spoke at the symposium on the topic of “Indie 3D – Shooting a 3D film with no time nor budget“, focusing on my team’s approach to the global 48 Hour Film Challenge in which we have competed on 3 occasions; in each case shooting in stereo 3D.

As “Situation Vacant” was screening at the film festival I felt it would be more interesting to discuss our first 48hfp 3D film “The Collection” which we created in May 2012. This film went on to screen in about a dozen festivals around the world, won a couple of awards and has to date had over 120,000 views on YouTube; I’d suggest it’s not a bad case study to share our learnings from. The presentation was created to be stereoscopic although on the day as primary projection facilities were 2D I stuck to this – we did however screen “The Collection” on the 3D Monitor so everyone could see the quality of the 3D product we had created in two very short days. The 2D version of the “Life in 3D” presentation is now available to view on SlideShare.

It’s been an interesting 12 months in terms of actually presenting and training, apart from the usual feedback and use that our visitors have received from our online tutorials, I have been able to get out and run some 3D training sessions for a number of filmmakers from Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

We have an outline for a larger 3D training session which I have been working on for some time and we have had some interest, although at the moment probably not sufficient to run the full course as I’d imagined it. I will keep you updated though as we move forward and find out if this is financially viable.

In the meantime do feel free to use the existing stereo 3D tutorials on YouTube and check out the Enhanced Dimensions presentations on SlideShare.

Edinburgh 3D Film Festival – Get your tickets now


It’s been a few months of hectic planning but we’re finally live with our week long celebration of 3D Film – The Edinburgh 3D Film Festival 2014.

With that in mind if you want to see some great stereoscopic features or short films head over to the Filmhouse website now and get your tickets – it’s looking likely that these screening will be pretty busy.

Each screening will also feature related talks or question and answer sessions with visiting directors or stereographers.

Tickets are available at the usual Filmhouse Website.

Life in 3D Symposium

I’ll be speaking at this years “Life in 3D” Symposium in Edinburgh, so if you’re interested in learning a little more about stereo 3D do please come along to this free event.

Life in 3D’ is a 1-day symposium at the University of Edinburgh that brings together otherwise independent practitioners and academics currently working on 3D from technological and creative perspectives.

The 3D theme of this year’s symposium is stereo vision and surround sound. The event provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, showcase work in progress and discuss how 3D is used in the industry and academia.

The symposium will run in parallel with the ‘Edinburgh 3D Film Festival‘ at the Edinburgh Filmhouse.


Learning Stereo 3D Filmmaking

With final results from 2013 box office income demonstrating that 3D is an overwhelming force in cinema, should all aspiring filmmakers consider comprehension of stereoscopic 3D as a basic component of their required learning?

Since the virtual reboot of 3D cinema and related technology with “Avatar” in 2009, stereoscopic 3D film has grown from a small percentage of Hollywood’s output to being ubiquitous for any tent pole attraction. The initial surge included a large number of shoddily converted, quick-buck grabbing films which threatened the resurgence in its infancy and although conversions still abound technology has advanced as have the skills and many are considerably better than the first generation attempts. One area of concern is that natively shot live 3D productions are still thin on the ground.

Of 2013’s highest grossing  films in 3D, 8 were converted in post, 3 were animated in 3D and only 2 were live action natively shot in 3D. That’s an uncomfortably low number considering that natively shot 3D does generally deliver better looking results. From these numbers we can extrapolate that 3D conversion, as part of the post production industry, offers definite growth opportunities if this years swing towards stereo 3D continues. Or alternatively is there an opportunity to support wider learning of shooting natively in 3D, so as to educate younger filmmakers in an appreciation of the benefits of well shot 3D, thus alleviating the requirement for quite as much post production conversion?

This has led me to another question in my home country: Why are there no opportunities nor training for Stereo 3D film in Scotland? One of the world’s fastest growing entertainment technologies, in a field where a major complaint is that there is a shortage of good quality content – and in our whole country there is currently no training available, nor any opportunity to get involved with this technology.

The good news is that Enhanced Dimensions now has a plan to address the lack of 3D training in Scotland. Having had success last year with our very brief “Introduction to 3D” that we ran for a local film group we are now in the planning stage for a comprehensive 2 day course on 3D Filmmaking. The course will take attendees through the theory of stereoscopy and offer practical opportunities to be hands-on with 3D cameras from Sony (HXR-NX3D1) and Panasonic (AG-3DA1), plus experience using a fully operational 3D Film Factory beam splitter rig using Canon XF-105 Cameras. Finally the course will take users through the editing and post production process for 3D using Adobe Creative Suite.

The course is currently under development and we aim to run this in 2014, in Edinburgh. If you are interested in the course please email 3d@enhanced-dimensions.com and we’ll be in touch when dates are confirmed