Free RockCandy 3D VJ Loop


Enhanced Dimensions is offering a free anaglyph 3D VJ clip from our RockCandy 3D Collection this week in conjunction with

VJLoops is a specialist royalty free stock footage & media site focussing on the global VJ community. They sell a wide variety of videos, animations and never before seen visuals for a wide range of creative use. VJLoops aims to be the one stop shop to get the visual tools needed to get the job done. They have a massive catalog with collections from over 260 artists from around the world.

RockCandy 3D is Enhanced Dimensions stereoscopic 3D rock music themed stock media selection which for a limited period is on offer as a complete boxed set collection of over 40 3D animations for use in your own creative projects.

So make sure you head on over to and grab your free 3d download today.

3D Resources

We’ve been doing some tidying up of the blog and have introduced a funky new Stereoscopic 3D Resources Section where you’ll find a range of (hopefully) helpful links to 3D related items and information.

Currently we’ve included 3D Books, 3D Websites, 3D Software, 3D Film Festivals and our own Enhanced Dimensions 3D Tutorials. Also included is our small selection of reviews of 3D Blu rays.

We’ve also moved our Free 3D Downloads into the resources sections to keep it all neat and tidy!

Our resources section is far from comprehensive currently, so if you know of anything that we’ve missed please do let us know.

Free Stereo 3D Repair Tool for After Effects CS6

Following my learnings during an intensive week at the 3D Bootcamp at Ravensbourne College, and having hands on with the incredible Mistika system, under brilliant tutelage of Dr Who stereographer David Wigram, I’ve updated the eD-3D Stereo Repair kit to add in keystone correction and tweaked some of the functionality and order of the controls.

Using the new set-up I repaired the sample image within minutes. I also stuck to the basic order of the repairs as David taught us on Mistika.  The addition of keystoning repair should now allow you to repair the most common flaws from a simple to use interface. I’ll create a new tutorial including the keystoning error fixing soon but in the meantime I’m making the file available for AE CS6 immediately.

Currently available for Adobe After Effects CS6 only. So if you need to fix some stereoscopic 3D footage come on over and get your FREE copy of the eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit for CS6 right here.

Steroscopic 3D: An Introduction Workshop

I think I’ve finally finished all the graphics for my upcoming 3D workshop that I’m running in Edinburgh for a local youth film making group called SKAMM (Scottish Kids Are Making Movies) so thought I’d talk a little about what we’ll be covering.

Although it’s unlikely that I’ll have sufficient time to get into the depths of the more advanced topics I hope to be able to cover all the basics quite quickly. This includes how stereoscopy works, stereoscopic capture and finally stereoscopic display mechanism. The aim is to cover the basics then have sufficient time to let the kids have some fun with the 3D kit and get some hands on experience playing with convergence and possibly even discussing the aesthetics of using 3D to enhance your story.

I am thinking of sharing the presentation and all the associated graphics following the actual event and although I’ve had some requests to video the session and share it, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do this. The presentation without supporting narrative is not necessarily a training mechanic however I hope this will be of some use to others who are covering the topic.

Look out for the full “Stereoscopic 3D: An Introduction” presentation soon.

Welcome to Digital Filmmaker Readers

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the readers of Digital Filmmaker Magazine, a cutting edge UK based publication that covers a wide range of topics focused on the burgeoning indie digital filmmaking scene.

I’m proud to share that this month’s issue (Issue 6, August 2013) features an article on shooting in 3D on a budget which I wrote. It features a whole heap of behind the scenes pictures from our short film shoots, predominantly from “The Collection (3D)“, and covers all the basics of shooting, editing and displaying in stereo 3D using a fixed IA camcorder.

If you’ve visited based on the magazine coverage welcome again and I hope you’ll make full use of this sites resources. We’ve got tutorials on all things stereoscopic from editing 3D footage in Premiere, creating 3D motion graphics with After Effects through to converting 2D to 3D images with Photoshop and for the hardcore tutorials on converting 2D footage to stereoscopic 3D.

Beyond that we have a wide range of free 3D downloads available including 3D desktop designs, 3D Adobe After Effects Tools, 3D Videos for your 3D TV and loads, loads more.

I do hope you enjoyed the article and similarly enjoy the site.

Vive le 3D!

After Effects 3D Creatives – here’s an offer you can’t refuse!

As part of our promotion for Crime Squad we’ve got what we believe is an amazing new offer for anyone who creates stereo 3D using After Effects. There’s no horses heads involved but it’s still surely an offer you can’t refuse?

So what am I talking about? Okay here’s what you get:

  • Full digital downloads of the series in 2D or 3D – VALUE: £10
  • Screen Candy 3D – VALUE: £13.50
  • RockCandy 3D Singlez 01 – Rock Crest 01 Pro VALUE: £10
  • RockCandy 3D Singlez 02 – Pink Strip Show Pro VALUE: £10
  • And don’t forget as part of Screen Candy you get our Ed-3D Virtual Stereo Rig and our ED-3D Stereo Repair Kit
  • TOTAL VALUE £43.50 (Roughly $65)
  • COST TO YOU WITH THIS OFFER £15 (Roughly $22)

All this for a meagre £15 donation to Crime Squad 3D. So not only do you help get the series made but you walk off with a whole heap of extra goodies.

Let’s get on with the show! Visit Crime Squad on Indiegogo now!