Top 3D Films of 2013

2013 has actually been an amazing year for 3D in film. Not only have 8 of the top ten grossing films of the year been 3D productions, but arguably the best 3D film of all time was released this year. With that in mind here’s my countdown of the top 5 3D films you should have experienced this year.

5. Jurassic Park 3D/Wizard of Oz 3D

Okay I’ve cheated here and squeezed two into this fifth slot, but such was the quality of the conversion and amazing results from these films they are both well worth seeing again for the added experience that dimensionalisation brings to them.

To see Dorothy exploring the technicolour land of Oz in three dimensions was truly astounding while experiencing the T-Rex chase and velociraptors on the rampage in IMAX 3D glory was awe inspiring.

If you didn’t see this pair of conversions in the cinema do yourself a favour and grab them on 3D bluray while you can!

4. The Great Gatsby

I have mixed feelings for The Great Gatsby; the 3D was beautiful and some of the performances were excellent, however Baz Luhrmann’s overly slick, hyper-polished, Jay-Z  soundtrack driven, music video styling was a bit over rich for me.

Leonardo Di Caprio is as charismatic as ever and certainly the drink fueled scene in steamy New York city where Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton) confronts Gatsby (Di Caprio) was explosive, but this was one of possibly only two or three scenes that delivered any impact. Considering it’s classic source material I felt it lacked an emotional heart and ended up being a slightly vacuous, albeit stunningly visual, experience.

That didn’t stop me watching it twice for the sheer joy of the 3D, so in balance it’s one for your collection.

3. Despicable Me 2

How could anyone not love another visit to the world of Gru, Margo, Edith, and Agnes plus of course a cast of minions?

Despicable Me 2 features loveable characters and an entertaining plotline but it is definitely the minions who steal this show. The lightweight plot revolves around Gru’s recruitment by the Anti-Villain League to help hunt down super villain El Macho. It’s a kids film so not challenging but has a good heart and loads of great gags, well worth your entry fee!

If you haven’t seen this and get a chance remember to wait until the end as there’s some fantastic over the top 3D silliness during the credits as the minions attempt to outdo each other in the 3D stakes.

2. Oz The Geat and Powerful

Sam Raimi delivered a stunning film for Disney with this beautiful prequel to the 1939 classic Wizard of Oz.

From the very opening which plays out in 4×3 black and white, this film oozes quality. Raimi who has always been a master of originality understand perfectly the range of options he has when adding 3D into the mix and uses subtle 3D during this intro sequence and expands it gloriously as the film enter Oz in it’s panoramic rainbow burst of colour. Again mimicking the 1939 original he uses a bold and exaggerated technicolour palette with 3D being used in and out of the screen to great effect.

Needless to say as a fan of the original I loved every moment of this film, even though my interest in children’s films is minimal this genuinely felt like a film for all the family.

1. Gravity

The best 3D film ever made. Need I say more?

Alfonso Cuarón has, in my opinion, created a 3D film like no other, in fact he has created THE 3D film. Watching Gravity was like being in space for 90 minutes; I felt myself shifting in my seat trying to help Sandra Bullock manoeuvre through zero gravity as she bumps and is thrown about in the vast and completely uncontrollable environment. A tiny human ragdoll lost in the vastness of space. The fact that after the first few minutes I was completely unaware of the film being in 3D was testament to the fact that it was used so perfectly – I was in space, I was floating alongside Sandra and George totally oblivious of this being an illusion and totally engaged. Its was as perfect as a great edit, a great soundtrack great grading – it added to the film but was invisible at the same time.

This isn’t to say the plot or film is perfect as a story, at times as a writer you can feel the process and see the next problem being manufactured as the tension is ramped up to drive our heroine to the edge of her ability, and beyond. However at just around 90 minutes you are blasted through it so fast you come out the other end exhausted, exhilarated and bizarrely appreciative of walking out of the cinema in one piece, on your home planet, on the ground, safe.

You must see this film, and must see it in 3D.

Cash vs Opinion

That’s my thoughts on the best of this years 3D output, for those of you interested more in the financials and in 3D box office figures Box Office Mojo has got a 3D specific chart on the top grossing 3D films from 1980 onwards.

PowerPoint in Stereo 3D – Presente3D

Presente3D, the add on for PowerPoint, has added support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 in its latest beta.

The add on allows users with little or no stereoscopic knowledge to create stereoscopic presentations with simple slider control over the 3d depth effects. As it is completely integrated into the software it allows users to convert existing powerpoint presentations quickly and easily to 3D.

With its rapidly growing community, Presente3D has been adding features based on feedback from its users. One of the major requests and newest features added was the ability to set up 3D parameters in the Slide Master so that 3D presentations can be made even quicker. The newest release of Presente3D further enhances the ease of use and rapid development of PowerPoint 3D Presentations.

A list of key enhancements in the latest release are shown below:
• Support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
• Master Slides Support – Set up your 3D Parameters within Slide Master to speed up your authoring
• Performance – Conversion speed has been optimized reducing times by 50%
• Progress bars added during export and conversion of your presentation
• Ability to choose your Output Display Device
• Camera saving is automatic for each slide
• Anti-aliasing support for Frame Sequential Stereo (Quadbuffer)
• Enhanced interface with new icons and features
• Improved Stereo experience, simplified stereo setup and optimizations
• Improved Rendering of shapes and empty placeholders
• Improved Installer and installation experience

Visit the Presente3D website to find out more.

Star Wars in 3D

To celebrate the release of Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D here’s a little reminder of the 3D Star Wars Freebie we have on Enhanced Dimensions.

Created in conjunction with Zoltan Simon over at based on one of his dynamic Star Wars related poster designs – fear the darkside as Darth Vader and the empire forces leaps out of your monitor!  Just select the size that suits your monitor then download the anaglyphic 3D desktop design for your Mac or PC!

Download now

(An animated 3D Stereoscopic video of this Star Wars 3D poster is also available to view over at our YouTube Channel – subscription is optional!)

Star Wars, the Star Wars logo, all names and pictures of Star Wars characters, vehicles and any other Star Wars related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of Lucasfilm Ltd., or their respective trademark and copyright holders. This download has no connections with Lucasfilm, Ltd.

2.5 Million 3D Video Views

Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTubeEnhanced Dimensions’ Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTube and Vimeo has hit an amazing 2,500,000+ views of our 3D videos.

From a standing start in around August 2009 the viewing of our 3d videos online has grown from a trickle to a surge now averaging between 5,000 and 10,000 views per day. Our subscriber base on these channels has also grown to over 6500 subscribers.

Although some of the videos that get viewed are not the one’s I’d typically choose the big ones have had pretty good traffic. “FourPlay 3D” has had 150,000+ views and “Gloria (The Death of Me)” is currently at 60,000+. As would be expected with Vimeos focus, the stereoscopic 3d training videos there are amongst the top viewed – with the 2D to 3D in After Effects conversion tutorials being particularly high in viewing numbers.

Thanks again if you’ve watched, commented, liked, etc – your support is really appreciated.

If you’ve not visited the channel – grab your 3d specs and come on over!

New Stereo 3D Photoshop Tutorial

photoshop-starfield-3dEnhanced Dimensions has got another helpful little tutorial on creating stereo 3d effects using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

How do you fancy an amazing 3D starfield vortex with text of your choosing floating in space. How can we get this, I hear you cry? Well easy – just download the files needed then follow the simple steps in the new Photoshop 3D tutorial. Easy as 1,2,3!

Watch the Stereoscopic 3D in Photoshop tutorial now!

PS – You can grab the support files from our 3D Photoshop downloads page.

973,289 3D Video Views: Close enough to smell YouTube’s breath!

Happy New Year to one and all from Enhanced Dimensions. Never afraid to blow our own trumpet(s) I thought today would be a good day to sum up what Enhanced Dimensions has achieved since launch around 15 months ago.

But first a final round-up of our 1,000,000 video views challenge we set ourselves in the last month of 2010.  Okay, it was a tough target but that’s the way we like it; make it a real challenge not just a figure that doesn’t have a bit of stretch. However the unfortunate news is we are just short of the 1 million views we’d aimed for  – to be accurate we’re 26,711 views short of target. Close enough to smell YouTube’s breath! This number is of views of Stereo 3D videos created entirely by Enhanced Dimensions across our Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube, Vimeo & DailyMotion. We had promised to give £100 to Children in Need if we made the figure, but in the spirit of the season despite our slight shortcoming we will be making this donation anyway.

We’ll soon be posting details on some of our plans for 2011, including expanding our 3d operations to deliver many more exciting 3d projects. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to pull in more awards and also be able to further share our knowledge and experience to the burgeoning 3d skills market.
So 2010 the highlights and numbers:

  • being broadcast as part of Channel 4’s 3D Week
  • being discussed by Adam and Joe on BBC Radio Six
  • picking up an InvaZion Award for our 3D short film “FourPlay”
  • being a runner up in Sony’s 3D World Competition for our 3D short film “FourPlay”
  • releasing Scotland’s very first 3D music video “Gloria (The Death of Me)” by The Raw I’s
  • creating ident bumpers for Short & Sweet 3D (Londons first 3D short festival)
  • being a featured Partner on YouTube
  • being included on Nvidia’s 3D Vision Live Channel
  • having our 3d videos shown at multiple festivals/events around the world

We’ve also released a whole heap of Stereo 3D Training Videos that can be seen on our “3D in a Nutshell” Page. These include videos on:

  • Basic Stereoscopic 3D Animation in Adobe After Effects
  • Stereoscopic 3D using Displacment Maps and in Adobe After Effects
  • A 4 part series on 2D to 3D Conversion Using Adobe After Effects

And don’t forget our Stereoscopic 3D Channel that runs on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion that has in total received:

  • Over 970,000 views of our videos
  • Over 5000 subscribed viewers
  • A fantastic level of positive feedback

And finally our free 3D Downloads including 3D Videos, 3D Desktops, 3D Greeting Cards and 3D Postcards for you to download and print have had coverage online and a huge amount of traffic.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped, everyone who has watched some videos, subscribed fed back, etc. In fact a great big thanks to you all for helping make 2010 such a great year for us.

Stay tuned for 2011, we’re going to take this to a whole new dimension!