Enhanced Dimensions YouTube Featured Partner

YouTube Featured PartnerGreat news on the Enhanced Dimensions front today – we’re one of YouTube’s featured partners!

This gives us a featured prominance on the YouTube homepage and has already seen the featured video’s traffic jump massively. This increased prominance has also increased our subscribers and raised awareness and traffic to the main Enhanced Dimensions hub… right here!

Thanks YouTube – we love you. 

Enhanced Dimensions: the place to see great 3D!

Edinburgh Evening News 3D

The celebrity highlife that I lead in the stereo 3d world has gained me some coverage in out local newspaper.

The Edinburgh Evening News reports on my recent InvaZion Award win for “FourPlay 3D” and involvement with the independent feature currently in development: “Electric Man“. Fortunately online they haven’t used my photograph so I can remain an international man of mystery.

Read more here.

Invazion 2010 3D Film Contest Results

We’re really incredibly proud to announce that Enhanced Dimensions’ 3d short film “FourPlay” came second in the “Excellence in Visual Arts” category. This is a fantastic result and accolade for us and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers More3D and the illustrious judges who included individuals from Disney, Dreamworsk and Pixar to mention just a few.

Finally thanks to everyone who has been supportive over the last year – it’s others enthusiasm and support that helps to keep momentum going when deadlines are looming and it’s a struggle to see the twinkling ember at the end of the tunnel.

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