Cycle 3D Filming Update

Thanks and well done to the cast and crew on Cycle 3D that shot this weekend – it was hard work but we got the work done and had a good laugh along the way. (Oh and some pretty tasty food too!)

The primary shoot was done over Saturday and Sunday, 1st and 2nd of October, with us shooting much of the dramatic and romantic scenes on Saturday with more comedic elements on Sunday. More technical details will follow but basically this has been shot entirely on a Sony NX3D1 all-in-one stereoscopic camcorder. This did introduce limitations but certainly for a quick low budget option for shooting 3D the camera fared admirably.

I can’t single anyone out, as everybody worked so hard to make the story come to life, that every single person deserves a massive thanks!

So a massive thank you to (in alphabetical order):

  • Austen McCowan – Runner
  • Douglas Russell – Actor (The Estate Agent)
  • Elliot Cambell – Camera Assistant
  • Gary Lind – Actor (Rip)
  • Jack Coghill – Sound Recordist
  • Janeanne Gilchrist – Director of Photography
  • Lisa Glen – Actress (Victoria)
  • Rhiannon Grist – Assistant Director
  • Rosie Murchie – Catering

I’d be remiss not to also thank Anna Lawrence who helped with the auditions, and Kevin Greig my long term mucker who always helps in so many incredibly creative ways! Thank you both!

Now we’re moving on to getting several final shots done, then we can kick into post production. Stay tuned.

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Sony NX3D1 – 3D Sample Clip

Sony NX3D1 Stereoscopic Sample VideoHere’s a little sample clip taken from Sony’s HXR-NX3D1 Stereoscopic Camcorder.

The clip of long grass flapping in the breeze was taken down at our local beach at Cramond in Edinburgh, the shot is hand-held so not quite perfect but it’s a free sample clip for you to download and play with. It’s supplied both in it’s native stereoscopic format copied raw off the camera along with a split left and right video stream. The clip is yours to do with as you please and is offered completely free of any copyright restrictions.

Download the Sony NX3D1 Sample and enjoy!