Wee Small Hours… 3D

I’m proud to announce that Enhanced Dimensions stereoscopic work will be part of the Wee Small Hours Exhibition in Edinburgh later this month.

The Wee Small Hours is an exciting mixed media exhibition organised by the creative team within Multiply running at the peak of the Edinburgh International and Fringe Festivals. The creative exhibits involved are as wide ranging and interesting as the participants and I’m proud to be able to include some of my 3d work in such an exciting arena.

What’s particularly exciting is, instead of the regular compromise of displaying anaglyph 3D our work will be shown in glorious Digital 3D using a passive 3D TV, so visitors to the exhibition will see the work in its true stereoscopic beauty. The playlist isn’t finalised yet but it’s most likely this will include FourPlay 3D, The Collection, ATM and an exclusive selection from RockCandy 3D that has not been seen publicly prior to this event.

So if you’re around Edinburgh on 24th – 25th August why not put some time aside to pop in and see us @ The Wee Small Hours.

PowerPoint in Stereo 3D – Presente3D

Presente3D, the add on for PowerPoint, has added support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 in its latest beta.

The add on allows users with little or no stereoscopic knowledge to create stereoscopic presentations with simple slider control over the 3d depth effects. As it is completely integrated into the software it allows users to convert existing powerpoint presentations quickly and easily to 3D.

With its rapidly growing community, Presente3D has been adding features based on feedback from its users. One of the major requests and newest features added was the ability to set up 3D parameters in the Slide Master so that 3D presentations can be made even quicker. The newest release of Presente3D further enhances the ease of use and rapid development of PowerPoint 3D Presentations.

A list of key enhancements in the latest release are shown below:
• Support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
• Master Slides Support – Set up your 3D Parameters within Slide Master to speed up your authoring
• Performance – Conversion speed has been optimized reducing times by 50%
• Progress bars added during export and conversion of your presentation
• Ability to choose your Output Display Device
• Camera saving is automatic for each slide
• Anti-aliasing support for Frame Sequential Stereo (Quadbuffer)
• Enhanced interface with new icons and features
• Improved Stereo experience, simplified stereo setup and optimizations
• Improved Rendering of shapes and empty placeholders
• Improved Installer and installation experience

Visit the Presente3D website to find out more.

RockCandy 3D Solos on ShutterStock

RockCandy-3D-stock-video-footageEnhanced Dimensions is proud to announce that our music themed stereoscopic 3D stock animation collection, RockCandy 3D, is now available as individual videos from shutterstock.com

Previously only available in a box set the 40+ music themed stereoscopic 3D animations have proven to be a big hit with VJ’s and for use in nightclubs, so hopefully with them now available for instant download at a very competitive price point they’ll be even more widely available.

A small selection is currently available but the full RockCandy 3D collection will be made available in 3D anaglyph, 3D side by side and 2D formats in the next few weeks.

Along with this release there’s also a range of new animations that are exclusively available via Shutterstock. These include a range of 3D glasses animations along with stereoscopic countdown film leaders. And that’s not all folks… more exlusive 3D animations are underway and will be available for inclusion in your 3D projects via shutterstock.com

Visit Enhanced Dimensions 3D collection on Shutterstock.com

BBC Summer of 3D

So BBC has released details of its upcoming programs that are part of the BBC Summer of 3D with coverage of the Olympics, Planet Dinosaur and The Last Night of The Proms all lined up for extra-dimensional transmissions.

Kim Shillinglaw, head of 3D for the BBC, writes that the ‘Summer of 3D’ is part of a two year trial BBC are running – testing production, distribution, partnerships and the appetite in different genres of 3D. The strategy is to co-produce 2D and 3D together, as done with the Strictly Come Dancing Final last December. This will continue with Planet Dinosaur in August, allowing the two year trial to be run in a very cost effective way, whilst still getting valuable insights into this embryonic area.

It’s a shame this test hasn’t been extended to the music festivals as it would have been amazing to see some of the action from this years cream of the crop bursting out of our screens. There’s also the concern that BBC don’t even seem to be considering drama production for 3D purposes – why ever not? Surely the market for fairly average 3d cinema fare demonstrates quite clearly that the public interest is there – possibly more so if we weren’t expected to pay an extra levy just to pop on a pair of specs for the pleasure of it.

However it is good news to see free to air 3d in the UK – I just wish there was more.

More details on the BBC Summer of 3D can be seen on the BBC Blog.

How Excited – Creature from The Black Lagoon 3D Blu-ray


It’s finally coming out – The Creature from the Black Lagoon on 3D blu ray!

Wow – had to share I’ve just pre-ordered it as part of the Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection [Blu-ray] that Amazon has for pre-order.

And why am I so excited I hear you ask – well I’m finally getting my hands on my favourite 3d movie of all time in a watchable 3d format – The Creature from The Black Lagoon in 3D!


Google AdSense: Sticking it to the little guy

As a blogger and content publisher online I do look to make a little income in return for sharing all the content we offer here at Enhanced Dimensions and from our videos over on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube. One of the methods for this is using Google AdSense as it’s easy to use and integrates with YouTube too – considering we get around 100,000 views per month this generate a hundred dollars or so each month.

So this week when Google suddenly closed my AdSense account for unusual click activity I was horrified and completed their appeal form immediately. Unfortunately my appeal was refused and I am now left with no further recourse. I don’t dispute that there was unusual activity – the earning from clicks had somewhere near tripled – what I am most frustrated about it that I actually did nothing to affect this. I’ve not clicked on any of my own ads, not requested anyone else to click on my ads nor done anything as far as I can understand to make this happen. But it’s gone and now I’m not allowed to open another account.

In researching this story I’ve found so many cases where this has just happened, I obviously can’t vouch for all the individuals involved but the general AdSense arrogance and unwillingness to actually discuss and try and sort out these issues is atrocious –  from an organisation who’s motto is “Don’t be evil” this seems to be a very big brother hard nosed approach to dealing with their users.

However Google’s YouTube still expects to run my videos and generate income for themselves & others using my content. I still want to share my content, and YouTube is the dominant player here and delivers X10 times more views than Vimeo, so I’m really stuck if I want to share my work – Google have me well and truly over a barrel.

So it’s with great sadness that I’ve decided to start removing my major videos from YouTube. I will retain trailers and promo videos but my short films, tutorials & music videos will no longer be available on YouTube.

Obviously it’s kicking against the machine but I would appreciate your support in complaining to Google AdSense if you have the time and patience to do so.


In order to complain please post the following comment on the Google’s Page on FaceBook: “I am posting to complain about the unfair disabling of the AdSense account for Enhanced-Dimensions.com. Andrew Murchie provides a great service offering 3d training and support and Google should not treat any individual so unfairly.

And/or tweet a message on Twitter using the hashtag #adsensearrogance