Hidden (3D) Extended Cut

The extended cut of our latest 48 Hour Film Project Short – “HIDDEN (3D)” is edited and just about ready to be unleashed.

The 3D Version of “HIDDEN” is yet to be released on our YouTube Channel but once we hit our target of 100 likes of our Hidden (3D) Facebook page we’ll be sharing not just the basic 3D version but the extended cut too. The extended cut includes and extra scene featuring Rory Speed and Fraser Fulton as two young thugs disrupting our heroine as she hunts down her daughter’s kidnapper. The video will be presented in Side by Side format on the Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube so no matter whether you’ve got just a basic pair of red cyan glasses or a funky new 3D TV you’ll be able to watch the short film in cutting-edge digital stereo 3D.

So if you’d like to see the film in 3D please head on over and LIKE the film’s official page on Facebook.

Hidden (2D) Version)

Our short cop drama from the Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project 2012 is now online in 2D.

The film was shot in native digital Stereo 3D on the Sony NX3D1 3D Camcorder and we’re currently working our way through the footage to create a 3D Director’s cut, inserting a scene featuring Fraser Fulton (who starred in our previous short “The Collection (3D)”) and Rory Speed that had to be cut for time purposes.

But for the time being why not head over and check out Hidden in 2D on YouTube.

Google AdSense: Sticking it to the little guy

As a blogger and content publisher online I do look to make a little income in return for sharing all the content we offer here at Enhanced Dimensions and from our videos over on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube. One of the methods for this is using Google AdSense as it’s easy to use and integrates with YouTube too – considering we get around 100,000 views per month this generate a hundred dollars or so each month.

So this week when Google suddenly closed my AdSense account for unusual click activity I was horrified and completed their appeal form immediately. Unfortunately my appeal was refused and I am now left with no further recourse. I don’t dispute that there was unusual activity – the earning from clicks had somewhere near tripled – what I am most frustrated about it that I actually did nothing to affect this. I’ve not clicked on any of my own ads, not requested anyone else to click on my ads nor done anything as far as I can understand to make this happen. But it’s gone and now I’m not allowed to open another account.

In researching this story I’ve found so many cases where this has just happened, I obviously can’t vouch for all the individuals involved but the general AdSense arrogance and unwillingness to actually discuss and try and sort out these issues is atrocious –  from an organisation who’s motto is “Don’t be evil” this seems to be a very big brother hard nosed approach to dealing with their users.

However Google’s YouTube still expects to run my videos and generate income for themselves & others using my content. I still want to share my content, and YouTube is the dominant player here and delivers X10 times more views than Vimeo, so I’m really stuck if I want to share my work – Google have me well and truly over a barrel.

So it’s with great sadness that I’ve decided to start removing my major videos from YouTube. I will retain trailers and promo videos but my short films, tutorials & music videos will no longer be available on YouTube.

Obviously it’s kicking against the machine but I would appreciate your support in complaining to Google AdSense if you have the time and patience to do so.


In order to complain please post the following comment on the Google’s Page on FaceBook: “I am posting to complain about the unfair disabling of the AdSense account for Enhanced-Dimensions.com. Andrew Murchie provides a great service offering 3d training and support and Google should not treat any individual so unfairly.

And/or tweet a message on Twitter using the hashtag #adsensearrogance

The 3D Cash Withdrawal Shot

As I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog of late, I thought I’d take a moment to lift my head above the parapet and share a still from our forthcoming romantic comedy short film called “ATM”. The still shows the stunning Cassie Duncan from the opening sequence spotting the object of her desires in a shop window.

The aim with “ATM” was to experiment with a genre where 3D doesn’t typically get used and to create something light hearted and fun… oh and very short. The initial aim was to do a 60 second short, but realistically it worked best at 90 seconds so that’s the final running time.

I’m just working on some final bits of post production at the moment however “ATM” in 3D should be available on YouTube in a matter of days.

Stereoscopic 3D YouTube Channel Updated & New 3D Desktop

Since we blew passed the 3 million views on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube I thought it was about time to refresh the look of the channel and use the new layout options.

And to celebrate we’re sharing a brand new stereo 3D desktop based on the classic S3D Channel Design.

So if you’ve got a moment feel free to grab your self an astounding new 3D desktop/3D wallpaper then head on over to The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube and do please let us know what you think.