Our Top 5 3D Videos on YouTube

Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTubeI was asked recently if I were to suggest just 5 of our 200+ stereo 3d videos on YouTube to recommend what they would be.

So without any huge fanfare (but assume some TOTP style music) here are our Top 5 3D Videos from Enhanced Dimensions:

5 – Adam & Joe Discuss 3D in 3D
Following a little 3d based communication Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish mentioned our 3D animations and spoke (in their usual silly way) about 3d for a short while This is the animation of them doing so.

4 – Glu (Live Performance Version)
A 3D video of a track called Glu that mixes live action filmed on the very basic SDT750 Panasonic 3D Camcorder with had drawn animation. Primarily created as a test to see how good the 3d footage from the camcorder would be I think it worked surprisingly well.

3 – RockCandy 3D Promo
A short promotional stereo 3d video for our RockCandy 3D package. The rock themed design pop from the screen and is created from elements of the RockCandy Package.

2 – FourPlay 3D
The award winning short film available complete for your stereoscopic viewing pleasure. This is the updated version that includes a 3D modeled UFO duing the “Invaders from the Fourth Dimension” section.

1 – Gloria (The Death of Me) by The Raw I’s
Our own favourite and major piece is the stereoscopic 3D music video for the track “Gloria (The Death of Me)”. Filmed on green screen with the 3D effect and environment completely created within After Effects this is the piece we’re most proud of and our official number one video!

So head on over to The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube and enjoy!

Free 3D Film Leader Countdown

3d-film-Leader-anaglyphHere’s another treat for you 3d filmmakers – an aged looking film leader & countdown in 3D, completely free to use in commercial or non commercial productions alike.

This leader is available as separate left & right video streams in Stereoscopic 3D FULL HD 1080p absolutely free of charge from our 3D stock video downloads. It counts down from 10 to 1, however for you traditionalists just chop off a couple of seconds at the end to give that couple of seconds of black screen time.

Preview it on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel onYouTube or go-ahead and download the 3D Film Leader Countdown from our 3D Downloads section now – another3d  freebie from Enhanced Dimensions.

RockCandy 3D Academic – Special Offer

We’ve been pretty quiet here at Enhanced Dimensions HQ for the last couple of weeks as we took a little summer break for a little R ‘n R – but we’re back and fully energised & ready to rock in 3D!

First off, following several enquiries regarding an Academic version of RockCandy 3D we’re proud to announce that RockCandy 3D Academic is now available. Delivering exactly the same high quality media and extras as the Broadcast version Academic offers a non-commercial licence for academic media faculties to deploy the entire RockCandy Stereoscopic resource package on their network for up to 20 users. This includes the eD-3D Rig for CS3,CS4 and CS5 users plus we’ve added several extra bonus B-Sidez and an extra editable title plate – that’s an offer you surely can’t refuse.

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER: We’re offering a launch special of RockCandy 3D Academic with a licence cost that works out at less that $100 per user for a 20 user licence – including free shipping to anywhere in the world!

Want to find out more? Check out the RockCandy 3D Store Page now.

RockCandy 3D – B-Sidez & Xtraz – A $500 Value

RockCandy 3D VJ Edition will ship at the end of this week and as an added incentive we’re offering two extra special bonuses only for orders received this week!

For this week only we’re adding $500 worth of videos to the VJ Collection – these include Space 3D and Snow 3D that previously sold elsewhere for up to $250 per clip! Not only that we’re also throwing in the amazing Xtraz disc that is loaded with creative resources including stock imagery, stock videos, stock music, Photoshop brushes & loads more all royalty free! This disc is normally part of the Pro and Broadcast set only! And did we mention the four sets of 3D glasses? C’mon, how much more can we cram in?

So if you want a serious bargain grab your RockCandy VJ Edition + extra bonuses while you can. Offer ends Friday 17th, Midnight GMT.

RockCandy 3D Tutorials

RockCandy 3DThe first of our tutorials for using RockCandy 3D is online now.

The tutorial shows how by using the supplied Adobe After Effects templates you can adjust the convergence point of the stereoscopic image then export the video to a whole multitude of stereoscopic outputs. So whether it’s a basic side-by-side YouTube 3D format, or an above below stacked version the supplied template will make exporting the exact format an absolute doddle.

Future tutorials will cover using the editable text templates and using the supplied royalty free stock media library to create your own original stereoscopic works (using the supplied eD-3D Virtual Rig).

RockCandy 3D is available for pre-order now.

Check out the RockCandy 3D tutorial online now.

RockCandy 3D – Grab a Pre-launch bargain!

RockCandy-3D-box-centredRockCandy 3D, Enhanced Dimensions’ new Stereoscopic 3D royalty free stock media collection is available for pre-order now.

We have a special pre-launch offer of up to 30% off, that’s a saving of up to $500 on the Broadcast Edition!

Pre-launch today for the following benefits:

  • Up to 30% off standard prices
  • An additional exclusive series of 3d animations – RockCandy B-Sidez
  • Free Shipping

Alongside the exciting range of stock footage 3D animations are supporting Stereoscopic 3D Adobe After Effects Tutorials, plus a whole heap of audio/visual media to use to create your own super cool music based animations.

For more information or to take us up on our pre-order special check out the RockCandy 3D Product Page.

Free RockCandy 3D Downloads

* Product Packaging is a mock-up for promotional purposes only.