Green Lantern 3D Trailer on Nintendo 3DS

I just downloaded the 3D trailer for Green Lantern on the Nintendo 3DS and it looks amazing.

I had expected the 3D effect that is obviously designed for a large 20ft+ screen to be very limited or possibly even ineffective on the small 3.5 inch screen on the 3Ds but I was pleasantly surprised. The 3D really pops, if somewhat flat cut-out style at points and the colours and quality of the image on the little screen look absolutely stunning.

My biggest frustration is trying to find out a way to get some Enhanced Dimensions 3D videos ported over to playback on the little Nintendo – it’s really annoying that there isn’t currently a simple video playback app built int. Also the fact that the only way to currently get videos onto the machine are via the online store is extremely limiting – there’s so much good content out there that could be made freely available for this great little machine.

Come on Nintendo give us some access!

3DS fastest selling Nintendo console ever

nintendo-3dsEurogamer reported this week that Nintendo’s new glasses free 3d console is their fastest selling ever.

The Nintendo 3DS beat the launch sales of both the Wii and Nintendo DS selling 113,000 units during it’s first two days on sale in the UK.
James Honeywell, Nintendo UK’s marketing manager, reportedly said  that the company expected to sell “comfortably over 150,000, if not more like 200,000″ 3DS units in Britain in its first week, based on confirmed pre-orders of 140,000.

Across Europe the glasses-free 3D handheld shifted 303,000 units in its first two days on sale. It’s Nintendo’s fastest-selling handheld device over a two-day period across the continent.

If you have this amazing little console I’d advise you do the system upgrade as this will download a cool little 3D video for your device. Apparently in the US the video is OK Go’s 3D Music Video “White Knuckles” but in the UK it is a random compilation of 3d footage – stills looks pretty good though.

First Play UK – Nintendo 3DS

nintendo-3dsNintendo are running pre-launch events in 4 UK cities over the next two weekends for their funky new 3d handheld games machine – the Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS offers users the chance to experience incredible gameplay featuring stereoscopic, glasses free 3D graphics. Nintendo claim that the 3DS is going to be a “breakthrough in portable entertainment, a truly cutting-edge piece of hardware”.

Places are limited at the events so for your chance to be one of the first gamers in the UK to get your hands on the 3DS head on over to the pre-launch registration site and grab yourself a convenient timeslot.

Register for the Nintendo 3DS UK pre-launch event now!