New Free 3D Video in Downloads

Short & Sweet 3DHere’s another exclusive 3D video download from Enhanced Dimensions for you!

Our “3D DOWNLOADS” section offers free downloads of 3D videos for users that have Nvidia 3D Vision enabled PC’s or 3D TV’s that support 3D videos in the side by side format. In order to control file sizes  the videos are available in a 1920×1080 format with the images squashed horizontally to fit side by side in the frame. The video format is clearly indicated in their filename as to which image is first using either LR (Left first) or RL (Right first). These downloads let you see the videos in their glory with the 3D effects exactly as they were meant to be seen.

We’re adding our Short & Sweet 3D Idents to our current list of available downloads. Other free 3d video downloads include our 3D music video “Gloria (The Death of Me)” by The Raw I’s and our Alien Birth 3D Prequel Tribute video. Please bookmark us and come back regularly as more and more of our videos will become available to download.

Download the Short & Sweet 3D video now!