ColorCode on YouTube 3D – The Disappointment

I’m not sure if it’s the YouTube implementation of ColorCode processing or if it is ColorCode in general but I’ve been very disappointed with the results of our recent animations when viewed using the Channel 4 ColorCode glasses. In many cases the 3D effect is reduced considerably – in some cases completely removed!

Our development and testing is generally done using Red-Blue anaglyph with final testing on the GeForce 3D enabled Samsung screen and the results have always been fantastic with great depth in both the positive and negative paralax.

So please note if you are visiting our site and viewing our animations try to use Red/Blue anaglyph glasses for the optimal results.

Channel 4 – 3D Week – The 3D Videos

Channel 4 - 3D Week
Channel 4 - 3D Week

Channel 4 as the lead up to their 3D TV week in mid-November announced they were considering submissions from stereoscopic 3D creators for possible inclusion in their schedule. Bye bye weekend… anyway videos are done and uploaded just before the 17:00 deadline of course, if you want to see them all head over to our Enhanced Dimensions YouTube 3D Channel.  Do feel free to comment/feedback and please do rate them. Time permitting we’ll upload a single showreel of all ten of the videos submitted soon.

Individually the Channel 4 3D Week videos are:

Channel 4 – 3D week 4×4 Cards YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – 4 Card Trick YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – 4aws 3D YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – Holographic Kiosk with 4 Piece Group in Stereoscopic 3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – 4 Seasons in One Day 3D YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – 3D Fourth Dimension Light Version YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – 3D Fourth Dimension Dark Version YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – IVD The Next Dimension YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – 3D Dots Animation YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – 3D Countdown YT3D

Channel 4 – 3D Week – Lucky Clover 3D Animation YT3D

Don’t forget to get your Channel 4 3D Week ColorCode glasses free from Sainsbury stores now!

Special thanks to my good friend and collegue Kevin Greig (Go 360) for helping at the last moment with the awsome illustrations.

Update: One pleasant surprise has been Enhanced Dimensions appearing (for a short while) on page one of Google for the search term “Channel 4 3D Week” – nice.

Channel 4 3D Week – Stereoscopic TV Season

Channel 4 invites viewers to put on their ColourCode 3D specs and celebrate Stereoscopic 3D TV.

This autumn, Channel 4 screens a season of programmes in 3D, the centrepiece of which is a two-part documentary series, The Queen in 3D. The series features remarkable three-dimensional footage, shot 56 years ago, which has lain almost untouched ever since.

Other highlights of the 3d season include Derren Brown’s 3D Magic Spectacular and The Greatest Ever 3D Moments.

The 3D glasses are to be distributed via Sainsbury’s stores prior to the launch of the 3D season scheduled for November 09.

Read an inteview with Alan Hayling regarding The Queen in 3D.