Busy 3D Days

RockCandy-3D-box-centredApologies for lack of updates of late, but it’s been all go here at Enhanced Dimensions! Not only have we been shooting Crime Squad 3D in our weekends but I’ve also had time to run a Stereoscopic 3D Workshop for Edinburgh University, become involved in the Life in 3D Symposium which occurs in Edinburgh and expand availability for RockCandy 3D.

Crime Squad 3D has shot about 3 weekends’ worth of material with hopefully just about one more to go. The rushes are looking good and although the editing job ahead is fairly big we are hoping that the series will be online in the Summer. We’ve been shooting all over Edinburgh with locations including rock star style homes, a ruined chapel, a vast arts complex and my personal favorite: a bakery. Our cast and crew (of thousands) has been great; it’s unbelievable how many talented people will jump in and get involved just for the love of it.

In addition to that I ran one of my recent series of Stereo 3D Workshops for a group of students at The University of Edinburgh’s College of Art. We spent a day discussing theory and shooting some test footage with a Sony TD30, a Panasonic AG3D1 and on a Fujifilm W3. It’s always fulfilling working with students who are enthusiastic and willing to experiment without particular boundaries of commercialism.

RockCandy 3D has got a new lease of life and is now available from VJ Stock Footage site VJLoops.com . It’s currently available in anaglyph format but we hope soon to have this available in 2D and side by side format too.

Finally I have been working with a small group of 3d enthusiasts from The University of Edinburgh in planning the 3D Film Festival that is scheduled to run in conjunction with the Life in 3D Symposium, fingers crossed I’ll have news about this soon.

Normal service will be resumed once Crime Squad is in the can!

Stereoscopic 3D: An Introduction

I’m proud to share the “Introduction to Stereoscopic 3D” presentation that was created as a basic support tool for introductory 3d learning sessions.

The presentation on SlideShare covers the basics of how stereoscopic 3D works, creating 3D and viewing  3D. The overall objective of the piece is to simply introduce stereoscopy to an audience which in the live workshop we augmented with interactive excercises to bring the theory to life.

All graphics were created specifically for this presentation with thanks again to Cassie Duncan for being a wonderful model for our 3D shots.

Stereoscopic 3D: An Introduction can be viewed and downloaded via SlideShare.

Introduction to Stereo 3D Workshop

We had some great fun yesterday at the SKAMM 3D Workshop in The Filmhouse in Edinburgh.

About a dozen keen young filmmakers attended the 3D workshop I ran on Saturday as we went through the basics, and not so basics, of how 3D images are constructed and the benefits of stereoscopy. Once we’d gone through a bit of theory and taken a quick 3D still picture the youngsters got to run wild with a range of (admittedly basic) 3D cameras to see what they could come up with and how 3D would affect what they were shooting. Apart from the odd technical glitch (there’s always one where technology is involved) the groups came back with some interesting 3D compositions and took to the tech very quickly. Considering we only had a couple of hours to try and cram in some really challenging concepts the team seemed to get to grips with it, with relative ease.

The short version of the presentation from the event can be downloaded here, and I expect to share the full version with the more in-depth and advanced topics online soon.

Big thanks to David Lumsden for inviting me to run this workshop and for Fiona Henderson and Aiden Nicol for being great hosts.

3D Resources

We’ve been doing some tidying up of the blog and have introduced a funky new Stereoscopic 3D Resources Section where you’ll find a range of (hopefully) helpful links to 3D related items and information.

Currently we’ve included 3D Books, 3D Websites, 3D Software, 3D Film Festivals and our own Enhanced Dimensions 3D Tutorials. Also included is our small selection of reviews of 3D Blu rays.

We’ve also moved our Free 3D Downloads into the resources sections to keep it all neat and tidy!

Our resources section is far from comprehensive currently, so if you know of anything that we’ve missed please do let us know.

Steroscopic 3D: An Introduction Workshop

I think I’ve finally finished all the graphics for my upcoming 3D workshop that I’m running in Edinburgh for a local youth film making group called SKAMM (Scottish Kids Are Making Movies) so thought I’d talk a little about what we’ll be covering.

Although it’s unlikely that I’ll have sufficient time to get into the depths of the more advanced topics I hope to be able to cover all the basics quite quickly. This includes how stereoscopy works, stereoscopic capture and finally stereoscopic display mechanism. The aim is to cover the basics then have sufficient time to let the kids have some fun with the 3D kit and get some hands on experience playing with convergence and possibly even discussing the aesthetics of using 3D to enhance your story.

I am thinking of sharing the presentation and all the associated graphics following the actual event and although I’ve had some requests to video the session and share it, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do this. The presentation without supporting narrative is not necessarily a training mechanic however I hope this will be of some use to others who are covering the topic.

Look out for the full “Stereoscopic 3D: An Introduction” presentation soon.