10,0001 3D Subscribers

I’d like to say a big thanks to all our subscribers over on YouTube who’ve taken us up to a MASSIVE 10.0001 subscribers today!

Our channel on YouTube is the hub for our video output, from our stereo 3d tutorials through to our award winning short films if you want to see us in action The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube is the place to visit.

We’ll have plenty more coming as our development of Crime Squad gets underway; we’ll be sharing behind the scenes videos, outtakes, bloopers plus every one of the episodes of the first series all in digital stereoscopic 3D… or as Crime Squad would put it Super Stereo Vision!

RIP Stevey Hay

I’m really sad to share the news that Stevey Hay, the Edinburgh based blues musician, has passed away.

I met Stevey through long time collaborator Neil Warden who played guitar alongside Stevey. I can’t say I knew him well, but the couple of days we spent together working on his video late last year were genuinely good fun and he was a really pleasant and down to earth guy. His guitar playing was astounding and his voice was perfectly pitched for being a bluesman. Stevey was only 51 and leaves a wife and 3 children. Our thoughts are with them.

There’s a number of videos of Stevey on YouTube; and I’m really proud to share the video that we shot for Kimberley Station.

Enhanced Dimensions Wins Z Awards

Celebration time here at Enhanced Dimensions’ Towers (well attic studio technically), we’ve grabbed a couple of prizes from the 2013 Z Awards. Our short film Cycle won Best Live Action 3D Short whilst CollegeHumor’s “BearShark: Space” (which we do the 3d conversion on) took Best 3D Animation.

The award results (based on Tweets from the event) are:

  • Adidas – Original Best Commercial Advertisement
  • Rome 3D – Best 3D Documentary
  • BearShark: Space – Best 3D Animation
  • Cycle 3D – Best Live Action 3D Short
  • 3DLiveMusic –  Best 3D Music Video
  • Hansel & Gretel – Best 3D Hybrid Production
  • 3D Impact Media – Best 3D Innovation Award

Well done to everyone who entered and to the award winners. Thanks to Remy Medranda, the organisers and sponsors of the event.

New 3D Showreel

Having called it a wrap on the BearShark 3D project we’ve finally got round to creating a new showreel that includes clips from a wide range of our 3D projects.

Apart from probably being the only place online you can see clips from BearShark in Stereo 3D the reel includes clips from our short films: Cycle, ATM, Hidden & The Collection; our music video projects: Gloria (The Death of Me), Glu, Kimberley Station & RockCandy 3D; plus a heap of animations from FourPlay, Zombicon, ScreenCandy & more.

Check it out now on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube.

Z Awards – Cool by The Pool

If you’re at NAB 2013 and involved in the stereoscopic world I’m sure you’ll already be aware of the “Cool by The Pool” event and the Z Awards organised by Remy Medranda.

The great news for Enhanced Dimensions is that a number of our films will be on show including “The Collection”, “ATM” and “Hidden” along with Stevey Hay’s “Kimberley Station” music video. On top of that three episodes of BearShark, which I worked on as stereoscopic consultant, have been submitted by CollegeHumor.

If you are around the event and haven’t already got your tickets you can still register for free entry tickets on the eventbrite website.

Enhanced Dimensions: Stereoscopy in Scotland

Although stereoscopic projects have boomed in the last few years, the growth has been primarily in the central hubs for Film and Television Production, with little requirement for stereographers like myself in our home communities. Having been creating  Steroscopic 3D content in Scotland for a little over three years I’m in the position of considering the next steps. Will there ever be a requirement for niche Stereo 3D skills in Scotland, without any current way of gaining experience on major commercial projects, or as with much media work does relocating from Edinburgh to the likes of London (or LA) the only opportunity to take that next step?

I’ve been really proud to have some amazing firsts for Stereo 3D in Scotland. Over the last couple of years I’ve represented the country globally in film festivals with stereo 3-D animations, 3D music videos and live action 3D short films. I’ve been amazingly lucky, made some great friends around the globe and had my films shown from LA to Korea, with a few stops inbetween!

In that time I’ve Produced & Directed:

  • Scotland’s first Digital Stereo 3D animated short with “FourPlay (3D)
  • Scotland’s first Digital Stereo 3D music video with “Gloria (The Death of Me)
  • Scotland’s first Digital Stereo 3D Live Action Short film with “Cycle (3D)
  • UK’s first Digital Stereoscopic 3D Short entry in the 48 Hour Film Project “The Collection (3D)

On a more global scale I’ve also:

  • Generated 3.5 Million+ views on YouTube and Vimeo
  • Been Stereoscopic Consultant on the Nintendo 3DS Cartoon Series “BearShark”
  • Provided Stereo 3D Training and Support for a global online audience
  • Been broadcast in 3D on Channel 4 TV (UK)
  • Won some awards… 🙂

So Scotland in 3D, are we going to do something or what?