3D DCP Tutorial

Submitting to Film Festivals can be a time consuming and technically challenging pastime and one of the biggest challenges I stumbled over when starting out was creating the dreaded DCP. Initially it appeared that a DIY version was near impossible, in fact at the time I started it pretty much was and commercial operators were asking for hundreds of pounds to generate a DCP on my behalf.

Well fortunately things have got a whole lot better and creating a DCP now is actually a relatively simple process. I thought I’d try to help make it even easier, so I’ve posted a tutorial on DCP creation which uses Adobe CS plus freely available open source software. Although I’ve not looked at non Adobe software the process should be simple enough if you know how to export your video streams as TIFF sequences, and how to split your Audio file into individual mono streams using your preferred software package.

Although the tutorial is focussed on 3D DCP creation the same process is used for creating standard DCP files for 2D film, just ignoring the second video stream – easy as!

If you need a free DCP then here is your route to DIY DCP heaven! Check out the Make a DCP for Free Tutorial from Enhanced Dimensions right now.

ED3D @ Parallax Festival in Prague

Enhanced Dimensions first Festival screening of 2014 has got the year off to an exciting start at the Parallax Festival in the Czech Republic.

Parallax Festival in Prague selected three Enhanced Dimensions films for their short film screening. Namely our 3D Music Video we shot for the late Stevey Hay “Kimberley Station”, our 48 Hour 2013 Best Direction Award winning short “Situation Vacant” and the rarely seen teaser called “UNDERCOVER3D” for our web series Crime Squad which is currently in production.

Thanks again to the organisers for selecting our films and for those of you who might have caught them we do hope you enjoyed viewing them as much as we did making them.

Visit the Parallax Festival Website.

ED3D @ LA 3D Film Festival

Great news on our submissions to LA 3D Film Festival held by our friends over at the LA 3-D Club is that we’ve got three films screening at the event!

Our three latest stereo 3D pieces have been selected for screening  at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles Dec. 13-15th, 2013. Festival passes are now on sale online for $40, with individual day tickets available from December 1st.

Enhanced Dimensions films included in the program are:

Most exciting is that there are a couple of 3D premiers in the group. Our 2013 48 Hour Film Project film “Situation Vacant 3D” receives it’s 3D global premiere having only previously been screened in 2D, on both occasions winning awards (Best Direction & 3rd Place Palme Dewar), fingers crossed it goes down as well with the appreciative 3D audience! “Crime Squad:UNDERCOVER3D”  is also receiving it’s 3D global premier, this is the the teaser piece for our forthcoming cop comedy web series.

Situation Vacant takes third place

Situation Vacant, our 2013 short film from the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project, took 3rd prize at the Palme Dewar event as part of the Aberfeldy Film Festival.

Following last years screening of our ultra short rom-com, ATM 3D, we were again a finalist in the Palme Dewar Film Competition which is sponsored by Dewar’s Whisky and organised by the nice folk of Heartland Film Society up in Aberfeldy.

There were seven finalists’ films screened at the Dewar’s Whisky Visitor Center in their stunning little auditorium. The films topics and styles were very varied from a documentary about nuns, through a second world war bombing drama to romantic comedies. Our film screened in 2D and was last in the sequence of films. Scoring of the films was decided via a mix of judges and audience vote.

The winning films in reverse order were:

Winner John McPhail has also recently won an unprecedented double award in this years Virgin Media Shorts – so we were definitely up against some stiff competition!

3D Film Festivals & Events

3d-films-comprehensive-listI’ve updated the list of stereoscopic 3D Film Festivals and Events. I think it would probably be handy to make a new page for this.  Particularly handy now is that I’ve put the list in date order so you can see where you are in the year.

This Film Festival Calendar now has a permanent page – visit the 3D Film Festival Calender.