Our Top 5 3D Videos on YouTube

Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTubeI was asked recently if I were to suggest just 5 of our 200+ stereo 3d videos on YouTube to recommend what they would be.

So without any huge fanfare (but assume some TOTP style music) here are our Top 5 3D Videos from Enhanced Dimensions:

5 – Adam & Joe Discuss 3D in 3D
Following a little 3d based communication Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish mentioned our 3D animations and spoke (in their usual silly way) about 3d for a short while This is the animation of them doing so.

4 – Glu (Live Performance Version)
A 3D video of a track called Glu that mixes live action filmed on the very basic SDT750 Panasonic 3D Camcorder with had drawn animation. Primarily created as a test to see how good the 3d footage from the camcorder would be I think it worked surprisingly well.

3 – RockCandy 3D Promo
A short promotional stereo 3d video for our RockCandy 3D package. The rock themed design pop from the screen and is created from elements of the RockCandy Package.

2 – FourPlay 3D
The award winning short film available complete for your stereoscopic viewing pleasure. This is the updated version that includes a 3D modeled UFO duing the “Invaders from the Fourth Dimension” section.

1 – Gloria (The Death of Me) by The Raw I’s
Our own favourite and major piece is the stereoscopic 3D music video for the track “Gloria (The Death of Me)”. Filmed on green screen with the 3D effect and environment completely created within After Effects this is the piece we’re most proud of and our official number one video!

So head on over to The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube and enjoy!

Cycle 3D Cast confirmed

Cycle 3D Short FilmCycle 3D  is now most definitely flat out, burning rubber, with our cast and crew geared up to hit the road running on Saturday. (I’ve even surprised myself at the number of rubbish puns I can make on this title!)

So the really exciting news is that the cast we’ve secured are absolutely amazing and I’m thrilled to be working with them.

The married couple, who are central to the story, are played by Gary Lind and Lisa Glen, both of whom were fantastic at our auditions.

Gary Lind plays the central role of Rip and without wanting to deliver any spoilers let’s say he’s got the biggest challenge in the amount of work he‘ll have to do. Apart from Gary’s stunning audition he really impressed us with his performance in an earlier short – The Confession that you can check out on YouTube – it’s well worth watching.

Lisa Glen plays Victoria, Rip’s wife and again central to the romance as she and Rip look for a house suitable to become a family home. Lisa is an experienced actress with a wide range of experience from stage, TV and film.

The rather eccentric estate agent showing them the “house of their dreams” is being played by Douglas Russell who can currently be seen on the big screen in “A Lonely Place to Die”. Doug has also starred in a number of feature films including “NEDS” & “Valhalla Rising” and TV shows such as Taggart and Rebus. It was Doug’s performance in “Electric Man” as a somewhat beleaguered police man that inspired the development of the of the estate agent as a more comedic character, and it’s great that he’s joining us to bring it to life.

Hold on to your helmets here we go… keep up to date with Cycle 3D on Facebook

What 3D Blu-ray?

We’ve added a whole new section to Enhanced Dimensions – 3D reviews.

So if you want to know what we think of the latest 3D films, 3D Blu rays, 3D games or even 3D computer software, our reviews section aims to give you a steer on what’s worth splashing your cash on – and remember like you we’re fans of 3D – so we won’t spend all our time complaining about wearing glasses, or discussing how long 3D will last in the market, we’ll just get straight onto the good stuff.

Our first review is for Drive Angry 3D on Blu-ray. Let’s not pre-empt the review…check out our review of Drive Angry 3D on Blu-ray now

Sweets 3D Short Horror Film Update

sweets-3d-short-filmWith just two weeks to go on our funding drive for Sweets we’re still a long way from our target figure – can you help?

We’re offering a whole host of benefits for your donations ranging from a basic hello,  exclusive 3D Blu ray or DVD copies of the film, through to Sweets related memorabilia and right up to an Associate Producer credti for the film. Sweets will be Scotland’s first live action 3d short bringing a new range of technical and creative skills to the Scottish filmmaking community. We’ve had so much success in the last year, so come on join in with our award winning 3D team!

Check out Sweets 3D on Indiegogo now!