Trifocal camera from Arri,Fraunhofer & Disney

It looks like the days of classic beam splitter rigs may be numbered if this trifocal camera devised by Arri, the Fraunhofer Institute and Walt Disney Studios comes to fruition.

Built around a trio of cameras with an Arri centre camera capturing the primary image and an micro HD camera at each side capturing enough data to generate the depth info for Fraunhofer’s STAN Stereoscopic Analyzer to generate the stereoscopic views.

Although I doubt the tech will be available at an indie budget level for the foreseeable future it looks like a great technical solution to the cumbersome mirror rigs currently in use.

Check out more details on the TVB Europe website.

Stevey Hay – Kimberley Station 3D Music Video

As always it’s been pretty busy buzzing around Enhanced Dimensions HQ in the last few weeks. Primarily been trying to polish off a brand new 3D music video from an amazing Scottish Blues artist Stevey Hay.

Stevey’s musical partner is none other than Neil Warden who has worked with us supplying original music for several of our short films so we were more than happy to get involved and create what must be Scotland’s first 3D blues music video!  Shot over a couple of locations in Edinburgh: The Ferryboat pub in Pilton and Craigie’s Farm on the outskirts of town the video features both Stevey and Neil along with Clair Myychael who valiantly braved the cold traipsing around in a fairly thin white dress on a freezing Edinburgh day!

The track is available for instant download from iTunes.

However, without any further ado…ladies and gentlemen I give you Stevey Hay’s Kimberley Station in Digital Stereo 3D.

Stevey Hay’s Shades of Blue

Following a hectic 2012 I’m hoping to glide into the festive season with just a couple of 3D music videos to keep me company in my edit suite.

The first video, that is currently in post production, is for a great little blues number by Stevey Hay called Kimberly Station. Stevey’s musical partner Neil Warden has been responsible for much of the music in my short films in the last year so it’s great to be working the other way round and creating some stereoscopic visuals to bring the song to life.

As anyone who knows my musical taste will attest I do kind of like my music a bit rough, so was really pleased when Neil let me hear the mix for this track with its dark lyrics and a nice grungy edge to the track.

We shot the initial footage indoors at The Ferryboat in Pilton and the outdoor footage at Craigies Farm on the outskirts of Edinburgh (again). I would like to thank both venues for being great hosts and letting us disrupt their normal routines. Craigies Farm in particular have been really supportive over the last year giving us open access to the farm for filming, so if you’re nearby do make sure you get yourself over to their tasty deli – you’d be mad to miss it! A few final cut-away shots were then completed in my back garden. It would have been great to have access to a railway station but the logistics of it were just unlikely on a no budget shoot.

The footage was all shot in native digital stereo 3D on the Sony HXR-NX3D1 and editing is underway using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, with 3D fixes done using the eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit. A couple of lens flares are being added using Video Copilot’s Optical Flares along with my eD-3D Stereo Lens Flare Utility.

The video should hopefully be ready in the next few weeks… how about a bluesy number one for Xmas?

Sony CMU .mt2s MVC File Splitting Issues

3d-camcorder-sonyAs a user of the Sony NX3d1 Stereoscopic 3D Camcorder one of my continuing bugbears has been having to use the Sony Content Management Utility for copying over files in order to retain the ability to actually use this to split the .mt2s MVC files into separate Left & Right video streams.

One of the recurring problems has been the process of splitting should a file be renamed – it simply breaks. In order for me to work on the 3D version of our new short “Hidden” I faced a major problem. I hadn’t briefed the editor not to change the file names – he had been meticulous in using the Sony CMU to copy over the files as briefed, but as he hadn’t been warned so all the file names were changed to match the take numbers… and oops there goes the ability to split the files!

Faced with this issue I had to research my options. So first off I headed over to and tried out the MVC to AVI converter. Great news is this worked perfectly however there were only a limited range of codecs supported for the output and this ended up blowing file sizes through the roof – files that started as 200MB converted with uncompressed AVI settings rather obviously became GB’s. I do appreciate this is the best approach but it is steep in terms of storage taking the relatively small MVC’s to such huge AVI’s.

So back on to the drawing board I wondered what the actual “.cmuprops” files actually contained that disrupted the conversion. I opened up a “.cmuprops” file in Notepad and it just looked like a bunch of XML “stuff”. So I wondered what if I just rename this file – even if it isn’t the exact matching file for the video if it would work… and it did! Yeeha – any of the .mt2s MVC files converted as long as there was an XML file that matched the name.

So in simple terms as long as you have one of the “.cmuprops” files just rename it to match your .mt2s file from the camera and the Sony CMU will split it. Nice (if somewhat painful that Sony couldn’t have warned or made a piece of software that didn’t require this step).

Hidden (3D) Extended Cut

The extended cut of our latest 48 Hour Film Project Short – “HIDDEN (3D)” is edited and just about ready to be unleashed.

The 3D Version of “HIDDEN” is yet to be released on our YouTube Channel but once we hit our target of 100 likes of our Hidden (3D) Facebook page we’ll be sharing not just the basic 3D version but the extended cut too. The extended cut includes and extra scene featuring Rory Speed and Fraser Fulton as two young thugs disrupting our heroine as she hunts down her daughter’s kidnapper. The video will be presented in Side by Side format on the Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube so no matter whether you’ve got just a basic pair of red cyan glasses or a funky new 3D TV you’ll be able to watch the short film in cutting-edge digital stereo 3D.

So if you’d like to see the film in 3D please head on over and LIKE the film’s official page on Facebook.

Hidden (2D) Version)

Our short cop drama from the Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project 2012 is now online in 2D.

The film was shot in native digital Stereo 3D on the Sony NX3D1 3D Camcorder and we’re currently working our way through the footage to create a 3D Director’s cut, inserting a scene featuring Fraser Fulton (who starred in our previous short “The Collection (3D)”) and Rory Speed that had to be cut for time purposes.

But for the time being why not head over and check out Hidden in 2D on YouTube.