Crime Squad 3D – It’s gonna be great!

Two years in the making with a cast of, well tens, Crime Squad 3D is officially ready to launch!

We recently shared a teaser of the show which we believe is the first natively 3D shot stereoscopic comedy web series in the world! Featuring the acting talents of Amanda Marment, Tamas Fazakas, Clair Myychael, Magnus Sinding, Frances Gilmartin and many more plus animations from the ultra talented Mike Parker from LowBrow Studios it’s a web series you’re not going to want to miss.

The show is free to view via The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube, the online version will be limited to 720p, more news on how to get hold of the full 1080p versions plus a host of extras will follow later this year.

We do hope you’ll enjoy the show and look forward to hearing from you here on our blog or over on our Crime Squad 3D Facebook Page.

If you enjoy our show please share it with friends, family or just complete strangers like the guy you see standing in front of a store window looking longingly at log splitting devices, and support the further creation of independent stereoscopic films like ours.

Crime Squad 3D – It’s gonna be great!

Crime Squad 3D Update

In a galaxy far far away… well actually just along the road a couple of years back… we shot a two minute silent short film just for fun inspired by a “Two Minute Silence” competition that Neil Rolland had set-up as part of his Write, Shoot, Cut platform in mid 2013. We had a laugh making it and really enjoyed working with Amanda Marment and Tamas Fazakas to get it done. Our aim was to create a 70’s looking cop show parody and overall the outcome was pretty good.

What interested me most though was the characters that Amanda and Tamas play – Dick Rize and Dawn Shine as they eventually became known: how did they get where they were, why would they want to be cops and what was their wider world like? From that inspiration Rhiannon and I decided to give it a go drafting several episodes that we could possibly produce as a 3D web series. At the same time as undertaking the writing challenge I was keen to move on from shooting with unibody 3d camcorders to shooting with a more advanced stereoscopic rig, which in itself would come to present quite a number of challenges and rather obviously slow us down from our usual run and gun style of shooting. That in itself is a whole other post!

The good news is the series has now (finally) completed post production and we had our cast and crew screening last week where we were finally able to share the fruits of nearly two years of effort – plus we could have a few beers and catch-up with everyone involved who’ve all become close friends. As writer/producer/director it’s difficult for me to be objective so I’m not going to tell you how great the series is – we’ll be sharing this online via The Stereoscopic 3D Channel from July 2015.

Big thanks is also owed to our sponsors NEO3DO and to everyone who supported us via Indigogo (complete list on our CS3D page here).

If you’d like to keep up to date do head over to our Facebook page for Crime Squad 3D and if you’re really keen you could like us at Enhanced Dimensions FB too for news and updates on our wider range of activities.

Crime Squad 3D: It’s gonna be great!

3D Rarities on BluRay

3D Film Archive have a fantastic 3D Blu Ray coming out for those of us interested in stereo 3d film history – 3D Rarities via Flicker Alley.

Containing more than 2½ hours of archival treasures and presented in high-quality digital 3-D all 22 films have been stunningly restored and mastered from original materials by 3-D Film Archive Technical Director, Greg Kintz. Meticulously aligned shot by shot for precise registration of the left/right elements, these historic 3-D motion pictures have never before looked this good!

The disc is available for pre-order now from Flicker Alley.

Another Situation Vacant Post…

Really excited to share that our 2013 Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project short “Situation Vacant” has become our most screened short film having had 17 screenings at festivals and event around the world. Screened in 3D and 2D this short film has done exceptionally well winning awards for Direction, Cinematography and Screenwriting.

If you haven’t seen it yet you can see it at the Fife Independent Film Expo in May or alternatively keep an eye out for notifications on how else you might be able to get your hands on a copy of this award winning short.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for updates on our stereoscopic cop comedy Crime Squad 3D which is due to launch in 2015.

Ty Segall 3D Singles

American musician Ty Segall has a funky new double 7″ single set coming out in classic red and blue anaglyph vinyl.

The  Mr. Face EP which comes with Free Mr. Face anaglyph 3-D glasses is available for pre-order now and ships in early January 2015.

  • Mr. Face
  • Circles
  • Drug Mugger
  • The Picture
Product details:
Gatefold Jacket || Poly-lined Inner Sleeves || Translucent Red (A/B) + Blue (C/D) Colored Vinyl || Download Card || Mr. Face 3D Glasses (Famous Class mart exclusive)

For those with a level of 3d fanaticism this is surely a must have item! Pre-order this double 7″ anaglyph set now.

v3 QS3D Premiere Plug-in Sale

The v3 QS3D Pro stereoscopic toolset for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects (CS6 & CC) is ON SALE for until the end of the year; reduced in price from $299 to $200.

The new GPU accelerated QS3DX Plug-in for Premiere Pro CC provides rendering speeds that are 12.5 to 17 times faster than the original QS3D Pro depending on your graphics card. The QS3DX is super fast and provides full frame – full speed 4K side-by-side (among others) playback.

If you’re not certain you need it just yet you can download a free 14 day trial version from