January 2010 – The Year of S3D!

Hello and welcome to Enhanced Dimensions – the home of Scotland’s 3d stereoscopic motion graphics gurus! Our recent surge in 3d enabled visitors, to both this site and our 3D Video Channels, has meant that in the last couple of months views of our 3D videos have been viewed well over the 25,000 plays mark – an achievement that we are really excited about. We’ve had mentions on national radio and our work has been featured on Channel 4 (UK TV). But enough of our showing off, here’s a little more about what our site is about…

Enhanced Dimensions 3D Stereoscopic logo
Enhanced Dimensions 3D Stereoscopic logo

Our aim is for this site to offer stereo 3d news and a multitude of creative stereoscopic 3D materials for users interested in Stereo 3D film and 3D TV to enjoy along with some helpful resources for designers, animators and developers creating work in the creative Stereoscopic 3D realm. So whether you’re just a viewer enjoying 3D Movies and DVDs (or 3D Blu-Rays for that matter) or if you’re an artist trying to create you’re own stereoscopic 3D materials for 3D video or 3D print we hope to become your first port of call.

Our download section features stereoscopic anaglyphic 3D desktops and printable items along with anaglyph 3D videos and animations. In our product pages we’ve got some helpful 3D stereoscopic items along with a selection of 3d goods from partner site, not forgetting a range of 3d blue red anaglyph glasses for use on this site itself.

Our YouTube 3D channel showcases our work along with the best 3D videos we can find on YouTube and with recent advances we’re able to offer videos in HD3D. Once 3D TV and 3D Blu-Ray becomes more prevalent (keep an eye out for major brand announcements) we hope to be able to bring you the latest news on the eveloving technology and movie releases as and when they happen.

Our in house eDepth technology also gives us great control over our 2D to 3D conversions – delivering maximum and controlled 3D enhanced dimension depth without the extreme ghosting and headaches often associated with poorly converted materials.

I hope you enjoy site and look forwarding to entertaining you with some of Scotland’s most creative 3D stereoscopic motion graphics.

NOTE: You don’t have to have RED/BLUE anaglyphic 3D glasses to use this site – but if you have some it does add an extra dimension to our content! Enjoy.