Invazion 2010 3D Film Contest Results

We’re really incredibly proud to announce that Enhanced Dimensions’ 3d short film “FourPlay” came second in the “Excellence in Visual Arts” category. This is a fantastic result and accolade for us and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers More3D and the illustrious judges who included individuals from Disney, Dreamworsk and Pixar to mention just a few.

Finally thanks to everyone who has been supportive over the last year – it’s others enthusiasm and support that helps to keep momentum going when deadlines are looming and it’s a struggle to see the twinkling ember at the end of the tunnel.

Invazion 2010 Site

3D DVD Competition

My Bloody Valentine 3DApril’s 3D competition is here and in order to win the gore fest 3D DVD of “My Bloody Valentine” along with a cool pair of solid plastic framed magenta green 3D glasses (as used for this DVD) all you need to do is confirm you are a subscriber to our Enhanced-Dimensions newsletter and answer this simple question:

  • Who directed the original non 3d version of My Bloody Valentine in the early 80’s?

Email your answer to by midnight on 7th May 2010 to stand a chance to win. The competition is only open to UK residents over 18 who are registered to receive newsletters on, please check terms and conditions for more details on eligibility.

7th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival Contest

LA 3D Movie Festival

The Los Angeles 3-D Club (SCSC) Movie Division is looking for entries to the 7th Annual LA 3-D Movie Festival.

The Festival’s mission is to showcase the best of independent stereoscopic 3-D filmmaking from around the world. The festival takes place on May 15th, 2010, at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. A jury of celebrity and film industry judges will award prizes to the top entries. In addition, an award will be given for the audience favorite, and a special award will be presented to the best “horror” themed 3D short film.

Find out more.

Stereoscopic 3D short film competition

invaZion2010 3-D Stereoscopic Shortfilm Challenge from invaZion2010 on Vimeo.

The invaZion 2010 3D Short Film Challenge, hosted by more3D, invites ambitious film fans and artists to submit their short films in 3D to an illustrious star-studded jury. Prizes worth EUR 20,000 bare up fro grabs for the winning entries. Seven prizes are up for grabs in the three catagories:

  • Best overall film
  • Best stereoscopic story telling
  • Excellence in visual art

Deadline for entries is March 31st 2010. Find out more here.