New 2D to 3D After Effects Conversion Tutorials


Orlok_2d-to3d-conversionI’m really excited to share the news that Chris Heuer has very kindly allowed us to post his brilliant “Orlock The Vampire” 2d to 3d conversion tutorials using a mixture of Adobe After Effects and Imagineer Systems’ Mocha. Chris details his process and techniques for converting several shots from the original black and white source videos to the really effective 3D converted shots.

 These tutorials are absolutley fantastic and really thorough with many really interesting tips and tricks that Chris used while converting this historic film. If you would like to know more about Chris’ conversion of “Orlock The Vampire” do head on over to Creative Cow where there is a really interesting support article for this.

I do hope you’ll find these useful and perhaps leave some feedback for Chris on Vimeo if you enjoy them.

Check out Chris’ 2D to 3D conversion tutorials right here right now!

Budget 3D Rig Test Shots – Waterfall 3D

Cramond, Edinburgh with inexpensive 3d rigWe’re testing an inexpensive 3d rig we’ve pulled together for a series of tutorials on making 3d on a very tight budget and have our first test shots posted.

Full details of the rig will follow but for the moment we’ve uploaded anaglyph and side by side versions of footage shot of a local waterfall along the river Almond in Cramond, Edinburgh. We’ve used three different inter-axial settings to demonstrate the effect and haven’t done any horizontal shifts in post production – although we have done a little rotation and vertical shifting in order to align the shots. It’s an interesting experiment and hopefully you’ll come back once the series of tutorials is done.

Watch the 3D Waterfall footage on YouTube.