3D Series

Enhanced Dimensions has been involved in the development of two multi-part stereoscopic series. Included on this page is links to our series of Idents we created for the Short & Sweet 3D Film Festival.


BearShark was a 3D animation series developed by online entertainment site, College Humor, for the Nintendo 3DS. Andrew Murchie acted as the stereoscopic consultant for this series, developing the cartoon 2D planes in 3D space style to stereoscopically enhance the traditional cartoon style animated graphics.

Crime Squad (3D)

Crime Squad (3D) is a multi-part comedy web series produced by Enhanced Dimensions.

Short & Sweet 3D Idents

Short & Sweet 3D

Enhanced Dimensions developed a series of 3D Idents for the Short & Sweet 3D Film night in London. The event featured a wide range of stereoscopic shorts and music videos.

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