Situation Vacant (3D)

Running Time: 07:15
Genre: Mystery
Release Date: August 2013
Situation Vacant on IMDB

In the interview room no-one can hear you scream.

Situation Vacant tells the tale of young job seeker, Connie Ray, as she undergoes the most intense & uncomfortable interview of her life.

Situation Vacant (3D) is a taut, mysterious short film from Enhanced Dimensions produced as part of the 2013 leg of The 48 Hour Film Project. Written, filmed and edited over the weekend of 23rd to 25th August 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

The film stars the brilliant young actress Amanda Marment as Connie Ray and the equally brilliant (and nearly as youthful) Nick Cheales as the mysterious Nick Black. Rebecca Ritchie-Smith plays Nick’s sidekick and the cast is completed with the inclusion of James J Robson as the third mysterious member of the “Black” group.

The film was again shot on a Sony NX-3D1 Stereoscopic single body 3D camera in order to capture good quality 3D footage at the speed required to deliver within the demands of a 48 Hour Film Project schedule.


We’ve got a whole heap of images from behind the scenes on the production and a few stills from the film itself over on our Situation Vacant (3D) Pinterest Board. Mmm, pinteresting… lets see it.


You can also keep up to date on the production and it’s availability in 3D or online via our official Situation Vacant Facebook Page.


You can see the 2D version of the film on Amazon Prime Video –

You can see the 3D trailer for Situation Vacant on our YouTube Channel right now!




The film’s first public performance was at the Cameo Picturehouse Cinema in Edinburgh on Tuesday 27th August.


August 2013 – 48 Hour Film Project (UK)
November 2013 – Palme Dewar, Aberfeldy Film Festival (UK)
December 2013
LA 3D Film Festival (USA)
December 2013 – Shortz Film Festival (Serbia)
January 2014 – Parallax 3D Arts Festival (Czech Republic)
April 2014
Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy (UK)
April 2014
Edinburgh 3D Film Festival (UK)
May 2014
– International Low & No Budget Short Film Festival (Germany)
June 2014
GoNorth Festival (UK)
June 2014 – Indie Film  Con 2014 (USA)
July 2014 – Loch Ness Film Festival (UK)
August 2014 – Deep Fried Film Festival (UK)
November 2014 – Courant 3D Film Festival (France)
November 2014
ZedFest 2014 (USA)
November 2014
Mount Hood Independent Film Festival (USA)
December 2014
3D Film Festival (USA)
May 2015 – Fife Independent Film Expo (UK)
August 2016 – Film at the Old Bookies Short Film Festival (UK)


Best DirectionEdinburgh 48 Hour Film Project – August 2013 – UK
Runner Up 3rd Place – Palme Dewar, Aberfeldy Film Festival – November 2013 – UK
Outstanding Directing, Cinematography and Screen Story – ZedFest film Festival – November 2014 – USA