BearShark is a stereoscopic animated cartoon series created by CollegeHumor for the Nintendo 3DS.

The pilot for BearShark was created in 2011 with the first six episode series being launched in 2013 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in the USA.

Episodes from the series were:

  1. Love
  2. Space
  3. Money
  4. Dragon
  5. Haunted
  6. Old Age

Andrew Murchie’s role in the project was as Stereoscopic Consultant managing the process of taking the 2D flash animations and their conversion into 3D for the 3DS.

In April 2013 a 4K 3D version of the episode titled “Space” was created for festival and demonstration purposes.

2D versions of the series can be seen on CollegHumor’s website. Further information on the production can be found on the individual IMDB pages for the series.


April 2013 – Best 3D Animation – Z Awards (Las Vegas, USA)

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