eD-3D Stereo Lens Flare Utility – Basic Version

Enhanced Dimensions is happy to offer a great free utility for controlling lens flares stereoscopically in Adobe After Effects CS4 and above.

Using the basic After Effects built in lens flare plug-in, this template allows you to animate and control the lens flare in 3D space with controls for both the interaxial of the flare and the convergence.

Used on it’s own, over a 2D background you can generate a stereoscopic lens flare that leaps right out of the screen. Used with existing stereoscopic footage you can add an animated flare to enhanced the scene, whilst precisely controlling the lens flare’s placement in 3D space.

Features in eD-3D Stereo Lens Flare Utility

•    Flexible 3D Controls
Easily control the stereo 3D depth of the lens flare, and it’s placement in z space.

•    Anaglyph Preview
Real time manipulation & previewing of the lens flare anaglyph stereo 3d

•    Full HD 3D Left & Right Views
System is based on a full 1080p left & right views

•    YouTube 3D Support: Render Comps provided for popular formats:

  • YouTube (Side-by-Side)
  • TriDef(Above Below)
  • Red Cyan Anaglyph

Free Stereoscopic 3D Training for eD-3D Stereo Lens Flare Utility

Tutorials for the eD-3D Stereo Lens Flare Utility explaining the features and controls are coming soon to our 3D Training section of Enhanced-Dimensions.com

Get it now

The eD-3D Stereo Lens Flare Utility for After Effects  CS4 and CS5 is available for immediate download.


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This utility requires users to have  Adobe After Effects  CS4 or above. Please confirm you have this software prior to downloading.

Click below to download the free version of the stereoscopic 3D lens flare template for Adobe After Effects CS4 and above.

(This utility is offered as is free of charge, but do feel free to donate if you find this file useful.)

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