Night of The Living Dead Re-Animation

As regular readers will know, I’m a huge B movie horror fan, and as such I was pretty excited to sit down with my bucket of popcorn, popping Night of The Living Dead Re-Animation 3D Blu ray into my player. With both 3D and Zombies lined up to burst out of my screen how could this possibly go wrong?


Well it did so, in way too many ways. The plot was ridiculous, although not ridiculous enough to be funny, the lame attempt at trying to introduce some type of  social commentary (ala George Romero)  with a Sarah Palin-esque character  comes off as incomprehensible nonsense and the story just limps along with no pace nor making any sense. At one point the bizarre editing and odd structure makes it seem like an autopsy goes on for hours whist Andrew Divoff’s character goes wandering around to swap a video tape and then off to who knows where (or more accurately who cares where). Quite often there is no rhyme nor reason for scenes, or particular shots; for example Jeffrey Combs reaches into a fridge narrowly misses being munched on by a living dead baby… this is never returned to nor could I fathom why this baby corpse would be in the fridge in the first place.

So seriously poor plotting and execution of the script. But there was much worse horror to come…


The 3D in the Blu-ray is pretty much unwatchable due to what appears to be camera synchronisation problems. As I haven’t seen the film in theatres (I assume it never had a theatrical release) I can’t say if this is a problem with the 3D Blu-ray or if it’s the footage itself but it is actually unbearable to watch anytime anyone/anything is moving horizontally the image freaks out, often appearing inverted with depth reversed until the movement stops. The sync issues also change from shot to shot which does suggest to me that there is something seriously wrong with this disc or footage – I cannot believe the film makers on a pro shoot with cameras that are genlockable have created footage with such problems, or that the disc has been released with such horrific technical problems. This looks in many ways like footage that has been shot with unsynched cameras – with frames being out of time between the left & right views. Personally I would have dropped this back to 2D if I couldn’t resolve the technical issues – certainly if I was Andrew Parke I would want this title withdrawn or my name removed from it as Stereographer. I’d also seriously question whoever has done quality assurance on this disc – anyone with even a passing knowledge of 3d would have known this was unwatchable.


Rather bizarrely the extra features on the disc which are in 3D appear (apart from the scenes from the film) to have been properly filmed with sync and 3D correct in most cases (well with the exception of names & titles overlaying the footage being in the wrong Z space). Presumably they were using different equipment for this?


I probably could have forgiven the shoddy script if the 3d technicalities had been up to scratch. As it was I couldn’t concentrate on the film in any way due to the constant abuse the 3d was inflicting on my eyes and brain. I’m sorry to say it but this disc is an absolute disgrace and I’d urge everyone to avoid like … well like a zombie rushing towards you with its rotting teeth gnashing for your flesh.

If you’re crazy enough to want to buy this disc you can get it hopefully at a bargain basement price from Amazon – Night of the Living Dead Re-Animation – 3D [Blu-ray]

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