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Enhanced Dimensions Releases ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One – Stereoscopic Stock Templates & Resource Pack for Adobe After Effects

Enhanced Dimensions is proud to announce the launch of a new mini collection of film related templates for Adobe After Effects – ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One.

March 12th, 2012

EDINBURGH — Enhanced Dimensions, the independent 3D filmmaking production facility run by Stereoscopic 3D filmmaker Andrew Murchie has announced the availability of ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One – Stereoscopic Stock Templates & Resource Pack for Adobe After Effects

ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One offers a variety of generic film themed, stereoscopic 3D Adobe After Effects CS4 templates plus associated design elements and audio fx. Included with the set are two brilliant bonus After Effects Templates – the eD-3D Virtual Stereoscopic Rig for After Effects, CS3, CS4 & CS5 plus our eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit template.

The templates are aimed at motion graphics designers for use royalty free as stock media in film & cinema related productions. Each template is fully editable and based around Enhanced Dimensions eD-3D Virtual Stereoscopic Rig technology. The collection includes the eD-3D Virtual Rig and the eD-3D Stereoscopic 3D Repair Kit.

Andrew Murchie, Director at Enhanced Dimensions said – “Following on from our RockCandy 3D project and subsequent release of our Virtual 3D Rig for After Effects it became apparent that there was a demand for fully editable stereoscopic templates beyond just the basic edit ability in RockCandy. And the response to our eD-3D Stereoscopic 3D Repair Kit was astounding, it seems there’s a multitude of After Effects users needing to fix problems with 3D footage!”

Andrew continued, “We decided with ScreenCandy that instead of us pre-rendering it made much more sense to offer users the full flexibility of having a virtual rig embedded in the template. That way it can be optimised for whatever screen size the film is being made for, without having to compromise on the 3D effect. And of course it means that everything can be 100% edited to create just the effect the user needs – in or out the screen.”

ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One


• Full HD After Effects 3D Templates – Suitable for Adobe CS4 and above
• Flexible 3D Effect Control — Full custom rig built into each template with ability to change parallax and convergence
• Anaglyph Preview – Allows real time manipulation & previewing in anaglyph stereo 3d
• Wide Ranging 3D Output – Render Comps provided for easy export to many formats including popular YouTube (Side by Side), TriDef(Stacked Above Below) & Red Cyan Anaglyph formats
• Full royalty free usage rights – All the graphics and sound can be used in any production royalty free in 2d or 3d.


Royalty Free Source Media – Original graphic elements & sound fx included in order to create original works
• Tutorials – Online tutorials on creating & using the ScreenCandy 3D Templates & associated eD-3D Tools
• FREE eD-3D Virtual Stereoscopic 3D Rig – The Adobe After Effects CS4 virtual 3D rig as used by Enhanced Dimensions on their stereoscopic projects including “FourPlay 3D” & “Gloria (The Death of Me)”*
• FREE eD-3D Stereoscopic 3D Repair Kit – The Adobe After Effects CS4 virtual 3D repair kits as used by Enhanced Dimensions on “Cycle (3D)”, “The Collection (3D)” and “ATM (3D)”**


• 3D Glasses 01 (CS4)
• 3D Film Leader 01 (CS4)
• 3D Festival 01 (CS4)
• 3D Coming Soon (CS4)
• eD-3D Virtual Stereo Rig (CS3, CS4, CS5)
• eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit (CS4, CS5)

Graphic Elements

• Clapperboard
• Film Strip
• Film Reel
• 3D Glasses (Red Cyan)
• Award Statue
• Halftone Effects
• Background Rays

Sound FX

• Clapperboard Claps
• Beeps
• Projector
• Spoken Commands:
o Silence on Set
o Rolling
o Take One
o Take Two
o Take Three
o Action!


*The eD-3D Rig requires Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher
**The eD-3D Stereoscopic 3D Repair Kit requires Adobe After Effects CS4 or higher

Price and Availability

ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One will be available from 12th March 2012.

About Enhanced Dimensions

Enhanced Dimensions is the stereoscopic 3D production company run by award winning 3D filmmaker Andrew Murchie. The blog offers a vast range of stereoscopic resources and tutorials for independent 3d filmmakers and 3d enthusiasts. Enhanced Dimensions also maintains the popular Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTube and Vimeo. Andrew is also an active supporter of other independent film productions, with his current projects including “Electric Man”, “Boat” and ” Synesthesia 3-D”.

Press Contacts:

Andrew Murchie


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