ATM (3D)

Running Time: 01:30
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 2012

A Girl. A Boy. And a cake. It’s love at first bite!


ATM is an original “silent” 3D romantic comedy from Enhanced Dimensions.

Featuring classic performances from the stunning Cassie Duncan as “The Girl” and the amazingly multi-talented Charlie Boyle as “The Boy”, ATM is an everyday tale of romance, lust and desire.

Filmed natively in 3D, Edinburgh in May 2012.

Musical score is by Laura Stevens.


Cassie Duncan – The Girl
Charlie Boyle – The Boy


Andrew Murchie – Writer, Producer, Director
Rhiannon Grist –  Assistant Director
Thomas Selway – Editor
Laura Stevens – Music

Special Thanks to:
Multiply & Bibi’s Bakery
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September 20123D Film Festival (USA)
November 2012
Aberfeldy Film Festival (Palme-Dewar Short Film Competition) (UK)
December 2012 – LA 3D Film Festival (USA)
December 2012Parallax Festival (Czech Republic)
August 2013 – Deep Fried Film Festival (UK)
June 2013National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con 2013 (USA)
May 2014 – “The Piccolo” @ Art Village Scotland (UK)
June 2014 – Indie Film  Con 2014 (USA)


December 2012 – Director’s Choice Award, LA 3D Film Festival
July 2013 – Best 3D Cinematography, National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con  2013