Using the eD-3D Repair Kit

Welcome to our short series of tutorials on using Enhanced Dimensions eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit for Adobe After Effects CS4 and CS5. To find out how to get your hands on this kit please visit the eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit product page in our online 3D Shop.

This stereo repair kit gives users of Adobe After Effects CS4 & above, an easy to use and flexible system as used by Enhanced Dimensions to repair minor stereoscopic flaws in our live action 3d video projects, including being used in our short 3D film “Cycle 3D”.

Features of the eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit

Flexible 3D Repair Controls: Easily corrects errors in rotation, scaling and vertical misalignement.

Anaglyph Preview: Real time manipulation & previewing of the repairs in anaglyph stereo 3d

Full HD 3D Left & Right Views – System is based on a full 1080p left & right views in 25fps or 30fps

YouTube 3D Support: Render Comps provided for a range of popular formats including YouTube 3D

Using the eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit Overview

Real World Stereo 3D Footage Repairs – Reconverging footage in motion

Real World Stereo 3D Tutorials – Using Premiere & After Effects to render to multiple 3D output formats