eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit

The eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit for Adobe After Effects  CS4 & CS5 is based on the AE 3D technology we’ve used on our Enhanced Dimensions live action based stereoscopic projects – this is the 3D tool we’ve used to fix the majority of 3D based problems when shooting stereoscopic footage.

Features in eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit

•    Flexible 3D Repair Controls: Easily corrects errors in rotation, zoom and vertical misalignement.

•    Anaglyph Preview: Real time manipulation & previewing of the repairs in anaglyph stereo 3d

•    Full HD 3D Left & Right Views – System is based on a full 1080p left & right views in 25fps or 30fps

•    YouTube 3D Support: Render Comps provided for popular formats:

  • YouTube (Side-by-Side)
  • TriDef(Above Below)
  • Red Cyan Anaglyph

Free Stereoscopic 3D Training for eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit

Tutorials for the eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit explaining many of the features and controls can be seen on our 3D Training section of Enhanced-Dimensions.com

Get it now

The eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit for After Effects  CS4 and CS5 is available for immediate download for a measly 99cents.


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This kit requires users to have  Adobe After Effects  CS4 or CS5. Please confirm you have this software prior to purchase.