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Andrew Murchie is a founding partner of Edinburgh and London based marketing agency Multiply as well as a multi-award winning writer, director & stereographer, credited with creating a number of firsts for stereoscopic 3D film and motion graphics in Scotland. He launched Enhanced Dimensions in 2009 to focus on developing stereo 3D films and products, as well as as a portal for sharing information and news on the growing stereoscopic 3D marketplace.

Andrew’s stereoscopic 3D work has been screened on UK TV and in 3D events and film festivals worldwide receiving many accolades including Best Director for “Situation Vacant“, Excellence in Visual Arts for his animated short “FourPlay 3D”, Best Live Action Short for his first live action 3D film “Cycle (3D)” and a special Director’s Choice Award for his 4 live action 3D short films screened at the LA 3D Film Festival in 2012.

In 2010 Andrew created Scotland’s first 3D music video for “Gloria (The Death of Me)” which became an official selection for a wide range of 3D Events & Film Festivals in the US and Europe.

Cycle (3D)”, Andrew’s first foray in live action 3D was an original scripted 3D psycological horror short, shot and completed in 2011. This is believed to be the first digital 3D short film made in Scotland.

In 2012 Andrew went on to create 3 more live action shorts “ATM“, “Hidden” and “The Collection” plus a music video for Stevey Hay’s “Kimberley Station“.

Working alongside LowBrow Studios and, Andrew acted as stereoscopic consultant on the 2011 pilot and subsequent 2013 6 episode series of 3D cartoon BearShark which ran on the Nintendo 3DS video channel. Andrew then went on to create the UK’s first 4K 3D project; converting the BearShark episode “Space” for film festival purposes.

On the non-stereoscopic front Andrew created the animated title sequence for the feature film “Electric Man” that had it’s UK premiere at the 2012 Glasgow Film Festival.

Andrew has had articles published by “Digital Filmmaker” and “.NET” magazines and run workshops on Stereo 3D and Filmmaking in Edinburgh and the surrounding area.


  • Best Director – 48 Hour Film Project, Edinburgh, 2013 – Situation Vacant
  • Best Live Action 3D Short – Z Awards, Las Vegas, 2013 – Cycle
  • Best 3D Cinematography –  National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con,  2013 – ATM
  • Best 3D Animation – Z Awards, Las Vegas 2013 – BearShark: Space
  • Director’s Choice Award – LA 3D Film Festival, 2012 – Cycle, ATM, The Collection & Hidden
  • Excellence in Visual Arts – InvaZion, Germany, 2010 – FourPlay
  • Runner Up – Sony 3D World, Global Competition, 2010 – FourPlay


Short Films

Music Videos


Currently In Pre/Post Production

  • Sweets –  Short Film – Writer/Producer/Director

Enhanced Dimensions blog aims to be an up to date source of information on stereoscopic projects that Andrew is developing plus the ever expanding stereoscopic marketplace. The blog further aims to includes material and tutorials that 3D indie filmmakers should find beneficial in advancing their Stereo 3D skills.

If you would like to contact Andrew please pop over to Facebook or feel free to email him at 3d “at”

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