Drive Angry 3D

The Film

Drive Angry 3D stars Nicolas Cage as John Milton as a father who escapes from Hell to avenge the murder of his daughter and kidnapping of his granddaughter by a Satanic cult. As the leader of the cult, Jonah Kind, played by Billy Burke plots the ritual sacrifice of Milton’s granddaughter, Milton tracks him down for a final showdown.

En route Milton picks up a waitress sidekick, Piper (played by the stunning and very cool Amber Heard) whilst being tracked not just by the police but also by another other-worldly character in the form of “The Accountant” who is on Milton’s tail to return him to hell. William Fichtner in the role of “The Accountant” is great, playing the role of with a calmness yet abandon for all its worth.

If anything bothered me about the plot, and I’m pretty easily pleased when watching such thinly plotted material, it was that I didn’t know why Milton was in Hell in the first place – I felt this should have been explained at some point perhaps it was in a longer edit? Anyway the plot is thin but great fun if you take it for what it is – this is not a social commentary, or some aesthetic contemplation of life – it’s a down and dirty grindhouse style classic; a 70’s B movie homage full of car chasing action, scantily clad girls and blood splatteringly tasty gore! If this is your thing, like it is mine, you’ll love this.

The 3D Blu-ray

The 3D in this film is absolutely fantastic, a serious option for choice of demo disc when demonstrating your spunky 3D TV! The over the top theatrics of exploding car parts rocketing out of the screen had me regularly ducking with great depth both in and out of the screen. You can really see a lot of attention was paid to getting the 3d right, and the fact this is not a post production conversion is really obvious. I’ve watched many conversions that I actually thought were adequate, but when you see this good quality, native 3d in action like this and watching with a critical eye it is astounding. The film was made by the team behind “My Bloody Valentine” another film where the native 3D was used to great effect, and their experience is well demonstrated here. The credited stereographer on this shoot is Max Penner, who has a long history of involvement with 3D film including working on the James Cameron directed Terminator 3D short in Universal Studios (T2 3-D: Battle Across Time) has done a fantastic job, he and his team have delivered without doubt the best 3D I’ve seen to date on my Panasonic 3D TV.

Extra features on the 3D Blu-ray worth watching on the disc are basic: a short documentary, some deleted scenes and (as an excuse to watch the whole film again) commentary track by Director/Writer Patrick Lussier and Co-Writer Todd Farmer. It is obvious though watching the extra features how much fun was had making this film – although the lack of Nicolas Cage in any of the material did leave me wondering why he didn’t appear to do any promo for this.


Although the film is considered a financial flop, being one of the lowest grossing 3d releases ever, it is definitely one I’d put right up there for fans of this genre and a must have 3D Blu ray and one I can wholeheartedly advise that you should buy this 3D blu-ray now!

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