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Enhanced Dimensions Releases RockCandy 3D – Stereoscopic Stock Resource Pack

Enhanced Dimensions has announced the launch of RockCandy 3D, a collection of more than 40 stereoscopic, royalty free, music themed 3D animations including editable Stereo 3D Title Plates, exclusive tutorials and an associated collection of royalty free stock media assets.

Friday 03 June, 2011

EDINBURGH — Enhanced Dimensions, the independent 3D filmmaking production facility run by Stereoscopic 3D filmmaker Andrew Murchie has announced the availability of RockCandy 3D – Stereoscopic Stock Resource Pack.

RockCandy offers over 40 stereoscopic 3d pre-rendered animations designed for use royalty free as stock media in music related productions. Each animation is supplied fully pre-rendered ready for use, but with flexibility for more experienced motion graphic experts to easily adapt text on title plates, adjust the parallax point to suit the deployment screen size or to layer additional elements over the animations. The RockCandy 3D Collection is available in 3 editions aimed at VJ’s, Motion Graphic Artists and Broadcast professionals with appropriate licence rights included with each edition. Included with the Pro and Broadcast Editions are an associated royalty free media collection along with tutorials and a whole host of other extras. The collection also gives Adobe After Effects users access to the eD-3D Virtual Rig and associated tutorials as used in the creation process for the RockCandy 3D.

Andrew Murchie, Director at Enhanced Dimensions said – “We’ve seen a real growth in interest in using our animations since our launch last year, and with our experience in working with musicians and the music industry we felt our first collection should be based around music and musicians. The RockCandy 3D collection is a great starting point for club VJ’s to break into stereoscopic 3D, along with motion graphics developers who’ll find a whole range of helpful stereo 3D resources, tutorials and pre-created stereoscopic media that make creating amazing 3D animations an absolute breeze. Users of this collection don’t need to concern themselves with the complexity of stereoscopic production – they can just dive-in and have fun.”

Andrew continued, “Offering the broadcast edition delivers a cost effective package of 3D media for music & music themed broadcasts worldwide. The animations can be used as they are or have additional elements layered over them. We created this with the media actually being supplied at wider than 1920 so there is the ability to easily adjust this for variable screen sizes, and also to facilitate moving the 3d effect back into the screen for layering additional elements over in 3d space.”

RockCandy Editions

•    RockCandy 3D VJ Edition – 40+ animations supplied on DVD-ROM as 2D and 3D Anaglyph 720p formats licensed for live entertainment use
•    RockCandy 3D Pro Edition – 40+ animations supplied on DVD-ROM as 2D and 3D 1080p+ Photo-JPEG QuickTime mov files along with supporting media, tutorials & extras. Licensed for use in creative projects deployed in live environments or online.
•    RockCandy 3D Broadcast Edition – 40+ animations supplied on Blu-ray ROM(BDR) or USB Hard-drive as 2D and 3D 1080p+  JPEG Sequences files along with supporting media, tutorials & extras. Licensed for use in creative developments deployed in live environments, online or broadcast media.


•    Full Left & Right Wider than HD Sequences – Supplied as 1080p+ JPEG Sequence or QuickTime Photo-JPEG .mov (depending on edition)*
•    Flexible 3D Effect Control — Allows control of image divergence to facilitate change of parallax**
•    Anaglyph Preview – Allows real time manipulation & previewing in anaglyph stereo 3d**
•    YouTube 3D Support – Render Comps provided for many formats including popular YouTube (SBS), TriDef(AB) & Red Cyan Anaglyph formats**
•    Full 2D & 3D usage rights – All the animations and imagery can be used in 2D or 3D

Exclusive Extras

•    Royalty Free Source Media – Original imagery, music & chromakeyed videos included in order to create original works
•    Photoshop RockCandy Brush Sets – Two exclusive brush sets for Photoshop are included in the package – GrungeStarz & Instrumentz
•    Exclusive Tutorials – Exclusive tutorials on creating & using the RockCandy 3D animations & Media
•    FREE eD-3D Rig – The Adobe After Effects CS4 virtual 3D rig as used by Enhanced Dimensions on their stereoscopic projects including “FourPlay 3D” & “Gloria (The Death of Me)”***


•    Abstractz – A range of 9 abstract animations including animated backgrounds, speakers & psychedelic  visuals.
•    GrungeStarz – A range of 8 grungy animations including guitar, bass, drums & more.
•    StarBurstz – A range of 7 animations of musicians in a starburst background including guitar, keyboards & bass players plus more.
•    Revolutionz – A range of 6 animations based around modern ground breaking musical genres including reggae, ska, punk, electronic  & more.
•    Instrumentalz – A range of 5 animations based around musical instruments including guitar, bass and keyboards.
•    Title Platez – 6 editable pre animated stereoscopic title plates.

o    B-Sidez – An additional exclusive range of 5 animated variations from across the range.

*VJ Edition is limited to 720p
**This functionality requires Adobe After Effects CS5
***The eD-3D Rig requires Adobe After Effects CS4 or higher

Price and Availability

RockCandy 3D will be available from 1st June 2011.

About Enhanced Dimensions

Enhanced Dimensions is the stereoscopic 3D production company run by award winning 3D filmmaker Andrew Murchie. The blog offers a variety of stereoscopic resources for independent 3d filmmakers and 3d enthusiasts, along with tutorials for creating stereoscopic media using Adobe’s Creative Suite Software. Enhanced Dimensions also maintains the popular Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTube and Vimeo. Andrew is also an active supporter of other independent film productions, with his current projects including “Electric Man”, “Boat” and ” Synesthesia 3-D”.

Press Contacts:

Andrew Murchie


Download Packaging Image

Download Drum ‘n Bass Image

Download Sunburst Bass Image

Download Ska Star Image

Download Reggae Revolution Image

Download Pink Strat Style Title Image

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