Press Release: ed-3D CS4 Rig

Enhanced Dimensions Releases eD-3D Virtual Stereoscopic 3D Rig for Adobe After Effects CS4 & CS5

The Stereoscopic eD-3D Rig, as used on Award-Winning short film “FourPlay 3D” and stereoscopic music video “Gloria(The Death of Me)” will be made available for After Effects CS4 & above users.

Friday, May 06, 2011

EDINBURGH — Enhanced Dimensions, the independent 3D filmmaking production facility run by Stereoscopic 3D enthusiast & filmmaker Andrew Murchie has announced the availability of eD-3D, the virtual 3D rig system as used in many of their stereoscopic productions.

The eD-3D Rig delivers a flexible and easy to use system for creating stereoscopic 3d animations to users of Adobe After Effects CS4 & CS5.  The Adobe After Effects CS4 based rig (eD-3D Virtual Rig) has been used on the majority of Enhanced Dimensions projects, including “FourPlay 3D”, “Gloria (The Death of Me)” and the forthcoming “RockCandy 3D”; this is the same AE 3D technology used to create films that have gone on  to win awards and have been included in film festivals worldwide. In addition users of the rig will have access to a range of exclusive tutorials on its use.

Enhanced Dimensions is currently raising funds to cover  production costs for their first live action 3D short film, “Sweets”, and the eD-3D Rig and the exclusive tutorials will be made available to individuals who have supported the film via the IndieGoGo “Sweets” fund raising site ( Minimum donation is $20 but supporters can earn themselves various additional perks by donating larger sums.

Andrew Murchie, Director at Enhanced Dimensions said – “Essentially the eD-3D Rig will allow users of CS4 & CS5 to use a flexible 3D Virtual Rig that offers similar functionality to the stereoscopic functionality delivered with the new CS5.5 version of After Effects. Considering we are offering this to users for as little as $20, it’s a real bargain compared to the CS5.5 upgrade, especially if it’s primarily the 3D Camera technology you are interested in trying out.”

Andrew continued, “Users who purchase this rig will also be helping us to fund our new short 3D horror film “Sweets”, our first live action film – this support will help us to hire the best equipment we can get our hands on and as with anything we do at Enhanced Dimensions all of our learning and tips and tricks will be shared with the wider indie filmmaking community”

Features in eD-3D Virtual Rig

•    Flexible 3D Effect Control — Allows control of stereo cameras inter-axial and divergence
•    Anaglyph Preview – Allows real time rig manipulation & previewing of the scene in anaglyph stereo 3d
•    YouTube 3D Support – Render Comps provided for popular YouTube (SBS), TriDef(AB) & Red Cyan Anaglyph formats
•    Full HD 3D Left & Right Views – System is based on a full 1080p dual left & right views format

Price and Availability

The eD-3D Rig will be available from 9th May 2011 to supporters of the film “Sweets” who donate a minimum of $20 (US). The additional Tutorials will be made available online in the coming weeks.

About Enhanced Dimensions

Enhanced Dimensions is the stereoscopic 3D production company run by award winning 3D filmmaker Andrew Murchie. The blog offers a variety of stereoscopic resources for independent 3d filmmakers and 3d enthusiasts, along with tutorials for creating stereoscopic media using Adobe’s Creative Suite Software. Enhanced Dimensions also maintains the popular Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTube and Vimeo. Andrew is also an active supporter of other independent film productions, with his current projects including “Electric Man”, “Boat” and ” Synesthesia 3-D”.

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Andrew Murchie

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