Glu (3D)

glu-3d-music-videoGlu (Performance Version) – 3D

As part of an experiment with the little SDT750 Panasonic 3D Camcorder we decided to try and throw together a quick live performance 3D music video for a song called “Glu”.

Based on this idea of just recording a quick  performance from three angles and putting it together the plan was to spend no more than a few hours making the video. After 3 hours we had an edit that was fine – basic but so was the song and recording and pretty much was ready to go. However as is the want with these things the drive to experiment further and to add a more creative element to the video I started experimenting with the kind of indie style scribbled animations you’ll have no doubt seen in various videos over the years – and I liked what I saw. It’s influenced a little by the Juno titles that I think are fantastic.

So the video turned from a few hours into over a week’s work – lot’s of tracing and retracing to create a genuine scribbled look to the text and graphic layers. The video was converted to just 12 frames per second to create a rougher feel, along with an aged film look to degrade the look further – I must admit to having a real soft spot for quite grungy looking videos and graphics. When creating videos I do tend to simply do what I like and hope others like it so it can be a it hit and miss.

Hopefully it will be liked although it is way less polished than “Gloria (The Death of Me)” was – this also took about 1% of the time though so the difference should be expected.

You can see “Glu (Performance Version)” in 3D on our Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel.

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