Short & Sweet (3D)

Short & Sweet 3DIn 2010 Short & Sweet, a regular short film night that is run in London, launched the UK’s first 3D Short Film Festival.

Enhanced Dimensions were commissioned to create the stereo 3D Idents for the Courvoisier sponsored festival. The creative is based on the Short & Sweet 3D Cube print & online design – taking the logos pseudo 3d look and extending it into the next dimension. We created ten different options for the events organisers ranging from old school black and white aged look to some very smooth and funky jazzy versions.

On the night the short 3D movies and bumpers used the ExpanD system for viewing the animations in all their glory but if you’d like to see the 3D bumpers you can see full 3D HD versions on our Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on YouTube right now.

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