Gloria (3D)


Running Time: 04:22 (Short Edit)
Genre: 3D Music Video
Release Date: July 2010

“Gloria (The Death of Me)” by Edinburgh indie band The Raw I’s was the first 3D music video to be made in Scotland.

The concept of the video is that of a futuristic Hologram Projection Kiosk where a band performs – with the band as projected holograms, but the stage props, in this case guitar amps and drum kit, are solid objects. The concept was in part inspired by the memory of the 1991 Sega Holographic coin-op arcade machine “Time Traveler”, and partly by the pepper ghost illusion that is used so effectively currently at live events/theatres etc. to project “holograms” in front of a live audience. It’s like the scene in Star Wars where R2-D2 projects Princess Leia… only not quite as sexy.

The 2D cast video footage was shot using a single Sony HDR-FX 7 camera in front of a greenscreen. The musicians were then composited in a 3D environment created entirely within Adobe After Effects and the various shots and moves were generated with the stereoscopic effect controlled using a custom After Effects 3D rig. Creating the holographic look was key making it appear grungy with some harshness to suggest the technology wasn’t perfect.

Gloria (The Death of Me) has been featured in film festivals and 3D related events worldwide.

Film Festivals/Events

The final version of Gloria (The Death of Me)” is available to buy on digital download from 3DeeCentral.

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