FourPlay (3D)

fourplay-3d-thumbnailFourPlay is a short animated 3D  movie containing several 10-20 second animations themed around the number four. The animations were originally conceived as an entry for a user generated segment on Channel 4 TV (UK) during their 3D Season in 2009. 4 of these animations were selected as part of  a broadcast 3D montage. As the original animations had been created in a hectic three day period, it was decided to enhance or completely re-animate all ten and to sequence them with appropriate music and sound effects into a cohesive short film. This short film was then entered into several 3d film festivals in 2010/2011.

FourPlay 3D has been featured in film festival programs worldwide and has won a number of prizes/awards.

Film Festivals/Events

  • Stereo Media Film Festival, Belgium (2010)
  • 3D Korea International Film Festival (2010)
  • LA 3-D Movie Festival (2010)
  • Stereoscopic Displays & Applications Conference (2010)
  • teamFudge Short-Film Feast (2010)
  • DogVille 3D Film Festival, Spain (2011)
  • National Stereoscopic Association Convention (2011)
  • Wee Small Hours Exhibition, Edinburgh (2012)


  • InvaZion 2010 – Excellence in Visual Arts 2nd
  • Sony 3D World – Runner Up

The final version of “FourPlay 3D” is available to buy on digital download from 3DeeCentral.

FourPlay 3D listing on IMDB.

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