3D Bluray Authoring

It seems somewhat crazy given the current state of 3D that Blu-ray authoring in Stereo 3D appears to have become the easiest it’s been in a long time.

Here at Enhanced Dimensions we’ve been looking at inexpensive routes to getting our content out on 3D Blu-ray, preferably with custom designed menu’s however in the past this has appeared to be overly complex or limited.

Having finally upgraded my copy of Vegas Pro 14 it now appears that creating a 3D Blu-ray between this and DVD Architect 6 is finally a relatively straightforward option.

Simply export a 3D MVC file (actually consisting of two parts: a .avc and a .mvc file) from Vegas and import into DVD Architect which automatically recognises the .avc file as being 3D, drop into the DVD and it’s ready to go. Why they didn’t do this in 2009 when 3D was the hot ticket?

The question is: is anyone interested in seeing our short films or Crime Squad in all their glory on a 3D Blu ray?



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