Crime Squad 3D – It’s gonna be great!

Two years in the making with a cast of, well tens, Crime Squad 3D is officially ready to launch!

We recently shared a teaser of the show which we believe is the first natively 3D shot stereoscopic comedy web series in the world! Featuring the acting talents of Amanda Marment, Tamas Fazakas, Clair Myychael, Magnus Sinding, Frances Gilmartin and many more plus animations from the ultra talented Mike Parker from LowBrow Studios it’s a web series you’re not going to want to miss.

The show is free to view via The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube, the online version will be limited to 720p, more news on how to get hold of the full 1080p versions plus a host of extras will follow later this year.

We do hope you’ll enjoy the show and look forward to hearing from you here on our blog or over on our Crime Squad 3D Facebook Page.

If you enjoy our show please share it with friends, family or just complete strangers like the guy you see standing in front of a store window looking longingly at log splitting devices, and support the further creation of independent stereoscopic films like ours.

Crime Squad 3D – It’s gonna be great!

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