Steroscopic 3D: An Introduction Workshop

I think I’ve finally finished all the graphics for my upcoming 3D workshop that I’m running in Edinburgh for a local youth film making group called SKAMM (Scottish Kids Are Making Movies) so thought I’d talk a little about what we’ll be covering.

Although it’s unlikely that I’ll have sufficient time to get into the depths of the more advanced topics I hope to be able to cover all the basics quite quickly. This includes how stereoscopy works, stereoscopic capture and finally stereoscopic display mechanism. The aim is to cover the basics then have sufficient time to let the kids have some fun with the 3D kit and get some hands on experience playing with convergence and possibly even discussing the aesthetics of using 3D to enhance your story.

I am thinking of sharing the presentation and all the associated graphics following the actual event and although I’ve had some requests to video the session and share it, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do this. The presentation without supporting narrative is not necessarily a training mechanic however I hope this will be of some use to others who are covering the topic.

Look out for the full “Stereoscopic 3D: An Introduction” presentation soon.

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