Welcome to Digital Filmmaker Readers

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the readers of Digital Filmmaker Magazine, a cutting edge UK based publication that covers a wide range of topics focused on the burgeoning indie digital filmmaking scene.

I’m proud to share that this month’s issue (Issue 6, August 2013) features an article on shooting in 3D on a budget which I wrote. It features a whole heap of behind the scenes pictures from our short film shoots, predominantly from “The Collection (3D)“, and covers all the basics of shooting, editing and displaying in stereo 3D using a fixed IA camcorder.

If you’ve visited based on the magazine coverage welcome again and I hope you’ll make full use of this sites resources. We’ve got tutorials on all things stereoscopic from editing 3D footage in Premiere, creating 3D motion graphics with After Effects through to converting 2D to 3D images with Photoshop and for the hardcore tutorials on converting 2D footage to stereoscopic 3D.

Beyond that we have a wide range of free 3D downloads available including 3D desktop designs, 3D Adobe After Effects Tools, 3D Videos for your 3D TV and loads, loads more.

I do hope you enjoyed the article and similarly enjoy the site.

Vive le 3D!

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