After Effects 3D Creatives – here’s an offer you can’t refuse!

As part of our promotion for Crime Squad we’ve got what we believe is an amazing new offer for anyone who creates stereo 3D using After Effects. There’s no horses heads involved but it’s still surely an offer you can’t refuse?

So what am I talking about? Okay here’s what you get:

  • Full digital downloads of the series in 2D or 3D – VALUE: £10
  • Screen Candy 3D – VALUE: £13.50
  • RockCandy 3D Singlez 01 – Rock Crest 01 Pro VALUE: £10
  • RockCandy 3D Singlez 02 – Pink Strip Show Pro VALUE: £10
  • And don’t forget as part of Screen Candy you get our Ed-3D Virtual Stereo Rig and our ED-3D Stereo Repair Kit
  • TOTAL VALUE £43.50 (Roughly $65)
  • COST TO YOU WITH THIS OFFER £15 (Roughly $22)

All this for a meagre £15 donation to Crime Squad 3D. So not only do you help get the series made but you walk off with a whole heap of extra goodies.

Let’s get on with the show! Visit Crime Squad on Indiegogo now!

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